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[17 Jul 2005|12:26am]
[ mood | awake ]

i was born a unicorn:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and the finished product?Collapse )

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you know what... [17 Jul 2005|01:49am]
[ mood | curious ]

I'm going to be blushing ALOT if i ever meet any of you in real life, kinda like bashful in Snow White but eleventy billion times worse. XD

So in addition to that thought i have a question: How many of you wouldn't post pictures of your bits & pieces if you knew the people in this community in person. Or knew that you were going to meet them at some point in the near future? Does anonimity (sp?) encourage, or at least offer a bit of a shroud to hide behind when, posting pics of yourself?

i think i'd have to answer yes to that. Plus the fact that this community is so nudity friendly kinda helps. sooo... what about you?

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Can't wait [17 Jul 2005|11:55am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I got my knotty boy stuff in the mail yesterday. =D IT made me sooo happy. Only a little over a month and I will have beautiful dreadies of my very own. I will love them and squeeze them and hug them and call them george. I just had to share.

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[17 Jul 2005|01:39pm]
Anyone here ever considered tye dying their dreads, or seen it done?
I've heard about it and i'm interested to see how it turns out :)
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question [17 Jul 2005|01:53pm]
help me, anyone ?
messy morning-dreads

TO DYE, OR NOT TO DYE - thats the question !
i just coloured my dreads 2/3 weeks ago
(i was black/brown and now i'm brown/dark blonde)
anyway, now i want to make a few dreadies lighter
(more blonde, so i can dye them red, blue or green)
but do i have to wait longer ?
because my b/f keeps saying they'll break off if i dye them now
(he doesn't have dreads)

any ideas on this ?
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[17 Jul 2005|02:03pm]
only because i still love this community..
and i miss being a post-whore.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and one i took for my boyfriend.. in my boyfriend's room..Collapse )
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[17 Jul 2005|02:46pm]
cheerio, ever-y-botty. here's a peekture of mah ropey hair.

+Collapse )

later, duuuuudes

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[17 Jul 2005|08:17pm]
hey there!
i'm new here, my name is Ianthe, i'm 19 and live in the netherlands.
ask me if you'd like to know more.
here are 2 pics: 

1th day                                   & not that long ago (bout 9 months)

i hope u like em, and i'm sure i will enjoy all of your pictures!
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Homemade dread shampoo [17 Jul 2005|09:34pm]
Homemade dread shampoo - anyone have any recipes? I'd really love to try making one as I don't want to pay the expensive prices!

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[17 Jul 2005|11:05pm]
I work at a small local amusement park, and today, I saw the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life. Seriously. He was black, with blue green eyes, and amazing dreads piled on the top of his head. Making him even more beautiful, was that he had a beautiful daughter who also had dreads and blue green eyes. Totally made my day. Or at least for a little while, as I have come to the conclusion that people in general, are dumb when it comes to listening and paying attention. But oh it was so worth coming to work today :0)
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