July 18th, 2005

A little favour..

Anybody willing to buy some dr bronners and post it to the uk for me please? I have paypal and you can look at my ebay profile to see I'm trustworthy! I just can't find it anywhere in the UK and all the ebay sellers want loads for postage! Let me know, thanks :)


Calling all Dreads and Rastas!!!

YH Pictures Film Company is looking for open-minded/hearted/spirited males and females interested in film and movement.

Our filming company will be re-making a few movies using an entire cast of Rastafarians.

Location: Providence, RI
Ages: 18-35
Experience: preferred but not necessary.
Pay: Sorry guys! We are a small production company looking to view this film at Film Festivals. No pay, but we will provide exposure, a tape of the film, and free training in acting and martial arts.

If interested please email: jah_do_institute@yahoo.com

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about starting dreads
i did mine about a week ago and have had them up in a pony tail ever since. having said this, it follows that i've completely forgotten to palm roll them, etc. how often am i supposed to do this, and is there anything else i should be doing to make them look good/take shape?
thank you :)

Hello I've got news.

Hi you dreadheads, just wanted to tell you that I got a fotoshoot because of my dreads. At dreamsofbeauty.nl they provide people with fake dreads, real dreads, extensions and so on. They liked my dreads that much that they want me for their portfolio. And I get new colours! Some red in my hair (tried it myself serveral times but seems to fail everytime and they know how to get is done well). It's so nice to have a fotoshoot because of my hair. Mainly because I made them myself. So I'm excited, I've got the shoot next week. I'll show the pictures as soon as I've got them.

For now, only this one.

floor talk part two gray

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hello all.
my name is annelise, i'm seventeen. i've been looking for a while for certain dread styles. i'm wondering if you guys think i should wait until my hair grows out, or if the look would even work for me.
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i generally like the look of big, messy, wild, curly hair. dread looks i'd love to acheive:
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as far as color goes, i used henna most recently. i've had black, orange [i was in a hair show for a place called g spot hair design, i still have the fake dreads], brown, red and mixtures of these. i prefer reds and browns.
i think once i have dreads, i'd like a few sections of red and orange in mostly brown hair.

this community seems pretty cool, i'd love to photo-record my dread journey with you guys :]

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I don't know if this is a known fact or what, but I just thought I'd put it out there:
I was in Whole Foods a little while ago getting cola and watermelon (yum) and I stumbled upon the bath/beauty isle. Low and behold, what do I see but an entire shelf of knotty boy products. Everythbing from the hair knotting soap, to the dread tightening gel, to the wax, they had it...like I said this may not seem that amazing to those in the loop, but I always that you had to order all of these products online.
So now I'm really happy bc I can better help my friend Nutmeg with her dreadies, and it will be easier for me to start mine in a month. :-)
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till the clouds clear


I started growing out my undercut a while back...
it looks stupid.
Its too short to lock up and it is all fluffy stupid when its not got wax in and when its got wax in it looks stupid.

any ideas? =/ like a bag..


ps; clean shaven and not happy! Mumble.

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I just got home a few hours ago from Chicago. Yesterday was the Intonation Festival and we had wanted to see both Andrew Bird and The Decemberists but it was fucking hot so we only stayed for Andrew Bird. Ah well, it was good to see Andrew Bird at least. We had tried to hire him to play at our wedding two years ago but we didnt have the $4,000 he wanted.
Anyway, there were tons of people at the Festival, and tons of butt crack:

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i figure i'm pretty overdue for an update.
my dready year thing came and went at the beginning of this month, so here's the best i could make of a timeline for you all.

this will be quite image heavy..

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