July 19th, 2005

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how cute am i? really.

it's 10ga, for those wondering. :D

yesterday i made 33 fuzzy new dreadlocks on starwind95's head. part of his payment is to make a big fat post all about it, so y'all can expect that shortly after i get the jpegs over to him, which i'm editing down now. he sat like a champ & didn't whine once about the discomfort of backcombing.

(i also bleached interstates's roots, added black streaks & redid her atomic pink, then this morning dermal punched her earlobes out for 0ga jewelry, but that's a story for another community. it was a busy weekend. :D)

Please Guys, I Need Some Help...

So i've had my dreads for 20 days now!! I think i've washed 4 times during that time and waxed twice.  I use Knotty Boy wax.  I have been basically following these instuctions:  http://www.dreadheadhq.com/lore/idx/10/069/Dreadlocks_Maintenance/article/What_is_a_good_maintenance_routine.html   I am a bit wary about using too much wax as I have heard horror stories about build up inside the dreads.  I palm roll every dread in the span of two days.  I just do it while watching movies or reading.  I live in Ontario, Canada and were expieriencing super high tempertures right now.  It's also so humid that you can feel the water on your skin the minute you leave your house.  It's horrible:(  SO I palm roll my babies and well in a matter of minutes they are a mess of hair and fuzz.  I can't keep them under control.  I need some idea or advice.  ANY will help.  Is this a normal thing for brand new dreads or is this the stupid weather making my hair crazy?  Also if anyone could tell me how to wrap my hair up so it doesn't look silly it would be great.  Thanks so much guys... 

http://www.livejournal.com/community/dreadlocks/36592.html#cutid1<< that's me when I first got my dreads.

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i'm back!

after much work i got my hair color back to what it was before i screwed it up. for those of you who don't remember my post about 3 weeks ago, a put blue over my red and it turned black. all is well again, i feel like myself again!Collapse )
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Just wondering if any get_up_dread_up people were at Gutworm / Amen gig at The Charlotte in Leicester tonight... some dreaded faces looked familiar but I'm easily confused ;-)

Possibly bloke-from-coventry-whose-username-i-can't-remember...? :-P
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Another question (I know, sorry, I have lots)

Did everyone here recieve their lovely dreadies through backcombing? I know that is the popular method...

Instead, my friend sectioned all the hair off and then with each section "pulled" the hair apart, like seperating it over and over again so the knots work up...and then a whole lot of palm rolling.

Anyone else ever use this method?

I'm really pleased with the results...and my dreads are not far off the length my normal hair was :)
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So, I finally figured out all this extention stuff. I'm going to an AFRICAN HAIR BRAIDING place, to get the extentions. They do a really good job, and I've seen their stuff on caucasion women too, so it should be alright. Then from there I'm going to have my dready friend just well, dread it. Sound good? She thinks it'll work fine, since the extentions will be in tight, and since they'll then be dreaded in.


And a few questions on synth extentions:
-Washing/Swimming/Wet care?
-Do they generally come out easily?
-Do they prevent your natural hair from growing?

Thank you, sorry if it all sounds so stupid.

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people like getting naked.

i do too, but i like to ask questions better =)

how many folks here attend or will be attending hampshire in the fall?

reason being, because im going to be a freshman there starting in the fall and im really excited and curious as to whether or not ill be chillin with any of you in the upcoming years =)

hah. anyway on to more important matters

i heard from a friend that if you dread up your animal's fur (after it's cut) you can use it to make yarn and knit. i tried dreading it but had to dread it in small sections. so the dreads came out to like...an inch. my dogs' fur is not that long. and i tried sewing it all together but they come apart easily so i decided to just stuff scarves and whatnot with it.

it was such a sight, all those dreads once i was finished with them. so i took pikshers for you folks


ps. i saw the wailers for free! they were playing free concerts in new york city and one of them happened to be in my neighborhood. they gave a shoutout to the dreadheads. =)

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pet dreads

my hair is far too short for dreadlocks now, which is very sad, but i love this community.

anyway, i've been going through old posts here and in some other dread communities, and have seen a couple posts featuring pet fur dreadies. i think it's a really neat idea, but i can't find those posts anymore, so i was wondering if someone could explain to me how it's done, specifically a longer dread. do you attach little bits of fur together somehow, or what? i can't seem to figure this one out!

i found the post (don't know how i missed it before) and will ask my questions there!


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again on the topic of animal hair dreading (i know, you guys must be sick of it)

but to the people who did:
what kind of animals did you have?

i know it must work with long haired rabbits, cats, and dogs..but anything else?

here, i have one to start it off:
my best friend in 6th grade had this rabbit, i don't remember its name or what breed it was, but it had fluffy soft hair.
this hair had formed HUGE dreads, or more realistically, HUGE matts, making the rabbit look about 3 inches bigger all around than it actually was.
these dreadies where starting to hinder its movement.
so her dad decided to do something about it.
being the odd guyhe was, he put beer on the floor and let the rabbit drink it up.
effectively getting the rabbit drunk.
he then took the rabbit out of its cage and shaved it,removing all its dreads.
sad, but good for the rabbit.
this man continuously threatened to mop his floor with my dreads. once he did pick me up and hold me over a mop bucket, but never didn't dipmy hair, thank god, he did, however, mop his kitchen floor with his youngest daughters hair one day, that was odd to watch.