July 20th, 2005

snake eye

new dreads

Hey everyone! I've only posted once before, but expect to see me posting more now that I have my dreads. As lishd said, I've got some pictures to show you all. Lish did an awesome job on my hair, in my opinion. Everyone that is going to see her this summer should be thankful because you're all going to get some quality work done on your hair AND while Lish is obviously one of our GUGU idols, she also maintains that same greatness in real life. All you dreadheads will have fun together.

I've got 33 dreads. They're fluffy and have curly tips, which is kind of goofy looking right now. I'm sure they'll form into something more dreadlike soon though. They were created on Sunday and took around three hours.

Also, does anyone with shorter dreads have any neat ways to wear them or good covering devices? I like the bandana, but I want to switch it up sometimes.

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the dreads closest to the bottom of my head (the ones under the rest of my hair) seem to be getting pretty matted down... the place i separated them are getting all intertwined and im not really sure what to do. helppppp

rip n' twist

for those of you wondering how the rip n' twist results differ from backcombing...

mine started like this:

the process too me and my boyfriend about one week, due to exhausted
fingers and the fact that each dread could take up to an hour to make.
(i ended up with 36 to start, although now i have 36 and half - long story)

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My dreadyboy :)

(warning: lots of pics ahead!)
so - I know I've mentioned my dread head boyfriend a few times & I decided it was finally time to introduce him to you all. His name is George, he's from Barbados, and he's graduating from college (we go to Florida State University) in TWO WEEKS and he's moving back to Barbados to be a teacher there. I think he's doing an awesome thing by going there to teach but I'm going to miss him! Any dready people out there want to volunteer to take his place? ;) He's had his dreads for six years, and just two weeks ago we cut SEVEN inches off of them because his hair was so heavy. Here are some pictures from the last few days, enjoy lovely people :)

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Genki desuka?

hello hello everyone!
Well i havent posted pics up on here in forever so i thought hey i should! I just got back from being in Japan for a month and a half so i will post some pics from there at a later date! but for now just some pics of my dreads^ ^

so i dont really smoke but i wanted to look cool...

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i was at work today, having a generally shitty day, burnt my head on the oven, got scheduled for a bunch of extra days, having a guy come in and start ranting about how the famine and aids epidemic in africa is caused by "the women taking over", just lots of fun stuff, and then i look out into the dining room from my little dishwashing corner, and what do i see? a gorgeous dready girl!

her dreads were all cute and twisty and she had a little black bead in the back, and she was wearing these black glasses with little rhinestones in them! she made me giggle like a little girl.

it made me much happier, i made as many trips out of the kitchen as possible to get more glimpses of her, ah, it just made my day about a million times better. so if you are reading this are you are her, which i highly doubt, (i mean, what are the chances of that?) thanks for stopping my day from being shitty!

p.s. i know you guys must be sick of my posting, sorry.

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I just got my internet back (well, moved to where the internet was available), and I want my dreadies back more and more every single day that I read everything in here and see all the pictures of beautiful people with beautiful dreads. :(

I just can't commit to a hair style for very long, especially not a long one (I'm used to having a chelsea, short hair, and a rat tail nowadays, and it's amazing for summer). Oh, I miss my dreads so much.

Newbie Here

Hey guys. My name is Farren. When i first got dreads, I thought they were a hassle but i promised myself i'd keep them for a year. Its been four years now, and I love them like crazy. I can't wait to be a granny with grey dreadlocks.

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people i am SPECIFICALLY CALLING OUT to make an updated post:

insidedown - how's the spot?!
anglarna - too pretty to post so rarely
arielhp - stop teasing us & post pics already
spin_the_moon - most beautiful loose hair mix ever
duckduckcari - your bangs are how i want mine
_lyly - hello? we haven't seen you since they were first made!
black_athena - still blue? ever coming down to pompano?
coconut__grove - so adorable, & fantastic locks
heart_of_johnny - another we haven't seen since day one
janiecash - still rocking the pink bangs?

& of course
radio_numb - because she's my very favorite.