July 21st, 2005

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Well, i have been a member here now for a while and made a few posts a while back but I have yet to post any pictures. But yesterday I gave one of my oldest friends dreads, as far as I can tell they turned out pretty well. There's something about giving the gift of dreads to a friend of 17 years that makes me feel real good. My friend eddie documented the process for us.



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hm, is it a bad thing that i am developing blisters on my finger and thumb from dreading my hair?

i went to an ani difranco show tonight and i have never seen so many dreads in one place. 'twas marvelous. also, i see many of you use sea saltwater for an accelerator, but does anyone else add lime juice (for citrus)? i just squeeze a lime into my solution and i really like it, because it seems to reduce the amount of salt flakes i get when it dries.
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hear no

3 month update

my dreads turn 3 months old next tuesday (26th), but i'm going to be in the studio and uncomputer-fied then, so i'm doing the traditional update a little early.

600 px wide, right?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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i also thought i'd show off (and i mean that slightly sarcastically :S) the results of my attempts to dye my hair. they were supposed to be dark red, vibrant red and some orange ones (they all came out the same colour). i've washed them a few times to see, as lish said, whether they'd lighten slightly. you can /kinda/ tell that some of the red ones are a darker red.

i went home and told my mother the story. she spent about ten minutes riffling through my dreads and said "you do have a bit of orange in there". i went looking with my camera today. for a given value of "a bit", she's right. *sigh*

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see you in a month.

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on sunday my dreads will be 3 months.
my computer is a whore right now. i dont know if it will be around for long so i though i would post now. my dreads are looking ok but i feel like they could be going alot faster. if you know any tips please i need a little help.

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today, my locks are one year old.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
you can even see my dr. bronner's in the background.

and i am twenty!

so i made birthday earrings.
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and tonight, my mom, my best friend and i are going out to eat at gaia, the most heavenly vegan/vegetarian restaurant in west michigan.
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I'm at the beach almost every day. Because of this, I have a lot of sand in my hair pretty much all the time. I've gotten used to it and it doesn't bother me. So today I went to the beach and I got in a sand fight with my friend. He smashed a bunch of handfulls of sand into the top of my head REALLY HARD and needless to say, I have 1/2 the beach in my hair right now. On the way home from the beach we stopped at Publix to get subs, and when I was standing in line to pay I turned my head upside down and shook it to start getting some of the sand out. TONS of sand started pouring out and it sounded like sprinkles falling on the floor. The lady who was standing in line infront of me turned around, gave me a weird/disgusted look, and actually got out of line and went to another one. Less waiting time for me! So if you ever need to clear out a line somewhere, now you know how ;)
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My boyfriend (Michael) is the one who did my dreads.

I think he's been through 3 different generations of dreads on himself.

He took off earlier today for the Gathering... so he has the digital camera with him, so I can't make an update on me until next week sometime... so I figured I'd share pics of HIM with all of you. ;-)

He's cute. You'll like him, I know. ^_^
Lish described him as "impossibly pretty." She is very right (as per usual).
[By the way, that's his favorite compliment ever, Lish.] :-P

I didn't find any pics of his most recent set (which he shaved off back in February-ish, I think? maybe earlier?), but I got lots of pics (in one giant collage) of his other two sets of dreads.

Then there's another collage of his other non-dread hairdos.. He's a sexy beast.
(He's also the reason why you won't be seeing any nudes of me, haha)

Totally work-safe:

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He's dread-less, now... and he told me the other day that he doesn't think he'll have them again any time soon. *shrug*

Now, if you'll excuse me... I think I'm going to make some sushi or something.
I have the strangest craving for wasabi.
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A while ago I was chilling at a friend's house. Somebody there took the liberty of cutting two (that's right, TWO) of my dreads off the back of my head.

Today while visiting his house I found one of them, and pocketed it.

So now it's going to be sewn back in, where it belongs. Now if only I could find the other one...

Otherwise I guess I'll just sew the remaining roots into another dread in close proximity.
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Hello fellow dreadies. My friend and I run a dread company called Tangled Roots Dread Co. where we sell dread beads. Usually dread beads cost more than 30 bucks each, because they are almost always made of glass! And its nearly impossible to find beads that can fit around fatty dreadlocks. But not anymore!!!

Our business is just small now, making and selling beads to our friends, but we are trying to get started on the internet. I thought it would be alright if I posted our most recent mailing list. If this is not ok, mods, please let me know!

<3<3 Farren

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one love, one heart, lets get together and feel alright - Bob Marley
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