July 22nd, 2005

in love

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ok guys, sorry it took so long:
pictures form re:union (ie: pesudOM) can be found here:
there are TONS of pics there... not as many of beautiful dreads as i hoped, but i think you'll all still LOVE them!

also, i combed out 3 of my dreads at the fron recently so i could have little bangs and i LOVE IT!
pictures coming soon!

love you all
rockstar sunglasses by iadoreyou_

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hey everyone. i'm starting my very own dreads in the next week or so and i had a question...

i'm nervous about dreading my whole head. is there any way i could just do some? like i knew a girl who had a few throughout her head and it looked adorable. idk, i was just wondering everyones opinion...

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I'm new here, and I'd love some help with finding something. I remember seeing a picture on here of someone's dread cut open, so you could see the build up on the inside. I've looked everywhere and cannot find it. Can someone link me to it? This is driving me crazy that I can't find it because I was just talking to a friend about me wanting dreads (i'm waiting a bit to make sure that I'm ready for the commitment) and I wanted to show her the picture, but to no avail! Thanks all, every one of you is beautiful with your beautiful hair!

Here's me with fake ones!

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it's the weekend :D

I've decided to bleach some of my dreadies this weekend. Not all of them, just some random ones here and there so I have some nice bright spurts of blonde. I've been wanting to do it for awhile - the colorful and pretty pictures from bodhi_tree and unamanda have inspired me to finally do it. I've read up on all the info (thank you lish) and I will post pictures when I'm done. Wish me luck...

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I've been enjoying looking at all your lovely pictures these past few weeks [especially the nudes ;)] I think it's safe to say that I've never seen so many gorgeous people in one community.


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evil monkey

dreads everywhere

so today i went to big summer classic with a bunch of friends. and it was the first time since i got my dreads that i had been to a place where there were so many other dreadheads.
and i came out of it with a whole new love and appreciation for my head of knots. every single set was so diferent and so full of its own choatic beauty that any qualms i had about my babies is now gone. i came home and as soon as i saw them in a mirror i just ssuddenly was hit with this realization of how much my hair has grown and changed in the past 6 months.
sorry im really exhausted and am probably starting to ramble. but i wanted to share my rekindled love before i passed out.

hope everyone had a wonderful fabulous amazing day to match mine. ;*
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