July 23rd, 2005


hey all, i've wanted dreads for ages and i'm finally gonna go for it sometime in the next few months. one day, i would like to sew pearls and seashells into them. is this a bad idea? i do realize if i do this i will need to wait some time. how long do y'all think would be appropriate? weeks? months? years? anyway, your dreads are all gorgeous, i'm pretty excited to get mine.

Advice, please?

My dreads are REALLY dry. I have always had really dry, coarse hair but my dreads look like shit. So what can I do to super condition them? Does dying it help? I mean, like something natural looking like maybe a henna dye? Like, maybe if I super-condition it and then henna it, will that make it look healthier and not so dry and poufy/sticky-outy?
I've had these locks for just under two years and I am so frustrated with the fact that they don't look good when worn down.
I prefer them up or covered but it would be nice to wear them down.
I can't believe the shrinkage factor! Crazy! Dreadlocks are really interesting, arent they?

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apple cider vinagar and water (1 part vin to one part water??)
now will this remove soap residue in my hair?
i washed my hair and noticed i did not get all the soap out. or at least it looks like a i have a bit of film on my roots.

Thank you

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hi folks,

i posed this question last summer, but no one was able to help me. maybe there are some new folks in the crowd with ideas.

i desperately want to swim laps again.. but i don't want to get my dreads wet in the pool. they are about seven years old now, so they are quite long and heavy. when they soak up water, they weigh almost ten pounds. plus, they take days to dry. i would never get the chlorine smell out.

so, i am looking for a swim cap that will fit all of my hair. a standard swim cap is miniscule compared to the behemoth that is my hair. it looks like a tiny condom perched on a huge mound of dreads, not even coming close to my head.

any advice would be appreciated..

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i saw this guy on the bus with long dreads [mid=back length] but that's not the exciting part.
They were died black and lime green. It was thought they were fake because they were so black and so green. It was insane. If i had my camera i would've taken a lot of pics but alas, i did not.

On a sidenote- is swimming in chlorinated pools bad for new dreads? [or any dreads for that matter] I imagine it would be considering it dries out your hair majorly, but it would make it knot easier. Oh i don't know what i'm talking about...

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what are opinions on washing hair with dish soap? i know it's pretty residue-free, and i've heard it makes color fade more quickly (which is why i want to use it). but i've laso heard it's quite damaging to hair - but that was coming from a non-dreaded person, so i don't know if that would matter on dreads.

and last night, the simpsons was the episode with the crazy environmental hippies! and the "dreadlocked dreamboat". hehe.
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Sorry if you don't want me posting this, if it's a problem I'll remove it..

Hello lovelies!

I've missed all of you and my dreads very much.

I still have some dread product stuff left over from my dreads that I'd like to get rid of, I'm moving and need to do some seriously cleaning out. I could throw it out, but why not put it to some use?

So, here it is.


I've got half a jar of dreadhead hq wax, a bit of knotty boy tightening jel, 1/4 of a bottle of knotty boy cooling moisture spray, a very good sized knotty boy shampoo bar, and about half of a bottle of dreadhead hq shampoo.

Anyone want it, for like $4 or $5 to just cover the shipping charges? Preferably would like to ship to the US, unless you want to pay more for the shipping :)

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i sincerely hope this isn't creepy. (and sorry to post twice right in a row.)

but i really loved badawadabingban's extensions, so i looked on her lj for more pictures. and i liked this one... so i drew it. because i need practice drawing dreads.

as you can tell from this picture, i suck at drawing faces and hands. but whatever, i'm not in class. i don't care.
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