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[24 Jul 2005|02:41pm]
dear dreadies,
my friend is mexican and native american, her hair is VERY long(to under her butt), straight and not really thick. she is going to be getting a knotty boy dreadie kit, does anyone have any suggestions on how we can start her dreadies, or anyone have any tips on taking care of them??
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It's poll time!!! [24 Jul 2005|06:27pm]
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I'd like to know how long everybody's hair was before they started thier dreads. Just out of curiosity. And maybe because I want to start dreading but possibly want to wait for longer hair. Hmmm...I hope this is okay to post?...

Okay everybody now! :D

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Climby....... [24 Jul 2005|08:16pm]
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Half way there... [24 Jul 2005|08:19pm]
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I started to bleach a few random dreadies last night but I was interrupted by a nice little visit to the emergency room (read why http://www.livejournal.com/users/jennyherself/ here if you're really that interested). Anyways... I only got about 3 dreads bleached and I ended up having to wash it out a bit earlier than intended. It's still pretty blonde though. So now I want your opinion - should I just leave my dreadies how they are with 3 blondies or should I bleach some more? I kind of like it with only three...

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-i know it's not that different than my natural color... oh well!


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[24 Jul 2005|09:43pm]
2 year old dreads celebration

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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DREADS OF VAGUENESS [24 Jul 2005|09:50pm]
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[24 Jul 2005|11:44pm]
My babies are now 2 weeks old (I know, lametown haha) and they're actually tightening up really quickly. Much faster than last year when I made my first attempt with dreads. So I have some pictures here, and a question behind the cut about "bald" spots.
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