July 24th, 2005


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dear dreadies,
my friend is mexican and native american, her hair is VERY long(to under her butt), straight and not really thick. she is going to be getting a knotty boy dreadie kit, does anyone have any suggestions on how we can start her dreadies, or anyone have any tips on taking care of them??

It's poll time!!!


I'd like to know how long everybody's hair was before they started thier dreads. Just out of curiosity. And maybe because I want to start dreading but possibly want to wait for longer hair. Hmmm...I hope this is okay to post?...

Okay everybody now! :D
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Half way there...

I started to bleach a few random dreadies last night but I was interrupted by a nice little visit to the emergency room (read why http://www.livejournal.com/users/jennyherself/ here if you're really that interested). Anyways... I only got about 3 dreads bleached and I ended up having to wash it out a bit earlier than intended. It's still pretty blonde though. So now I want your opinion - should I just leave my dreadies how they are with 3 blondies or should I bleach some more? I kind of like it with only three...

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-i know it's not that different than my natural color... oh well!

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My babies are now 2 weeks old (I know, lametown haha) and they're actually tightening up really quickly. Much faster than last year when I made my first attempt with dreads. So I have some pictures here, and a question behind the cut about "bald" spots.
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