July 26th, 2005


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Hi <3

My dreads will be a year old in like 5 days and I havent washed them since February. I was wondering if anyone else just completely stopped washing their hair. I've heard it's bad for the dreading process and stuff but realy I just stopped because I'm lazy. Anyone else? eh? eh? lol


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I went to a great festival this weekend (Falcon Ridge Folk Festival) and had such an amazing time. I also scored some pretty neat stuff that I wanted to show off.

Here's a hat that I bought to get the sun out of my face.

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I got them from the people at Hot Glass Works. They were running the booth at the festival themselves, and they were the sweetest people. A glass blowing husband and wife team from Vermont. I wanted to eat them with a spoon!!
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What are some creative things you think you will do or have done with your dreads once cut off?

I have mine sitting ends up, kind of sprouting out of a flower pot.. But Id like something else... maybe a beanie with the dreads sewn into it so when i miss them i can just strap it on and pretend


Picture overload :)


I have danced my ass off at Full Moon Festival and hade fun around it al...my dreads are already 4 months and 2 weeks old now and stil loving them :)

O I wil keep my dreads pink untill the summer is over then i wil make every dreads my natural color again (almost black) ecxept a few that wil stay bright pink.

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I am the one with the scarf around my head :)

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A few days ago my best friend let me use some of his opium oil on my dreads to make them smell pretty. I just rubbed on a tiny bit and they smell so good I don't want to wash them ever, but he got it in Atlanta..which isn't where we live..anyway, we went to the natural foods store yesterday in search of yummy smelling essential oil, but they were all nasty and alcoholic smelling, at least the several I smelled. Does anyone use any sort of oil for scent, and if it's alcohol-y, does that go away? Also at this same store, I discovered that they had Dr. Bronner's bar soap. Most people use the liquid..yeah? But does this sort work well, too?

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I love weddings, I hate seeing on of my dads friends having MS. It's been a day full of contradictions :| But I am happy he finally got married tho :D

Yeah, my first crush just got married and it's not with me *haha*