July 27th, 2005

whos up for this?

come on, an offshoot of GUDU strictly for dreaded porn/nudes?

we can call it naughty_knotty....

come on, do i have support here? mods? any opinions?


EDIT: if enough ppl like the idea, I'll totally start it up. hell, i'll even run the thing. i shall go register the name and then any one who wants to help out say so.

well its done

and should be open for business as soon as i pass my astronomy fianl tommrow.


anyone wanna help out? jsut holla.

EDIT: id love a co mod; prefreablby one with lay out knowledge since i suck at that.

Also, mods here, are we going ot be sisters/affliates? Id looooove too.
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Hello hello!

I've been lurking for a while time, and I've finally decided to come out of hiding.

I had dreads for about a year and a half and then for some reason I chopped them off. I missed them a lot and so I have decided to try them again.

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I can't wait until they unpuff and start to tighten up. I'm so excited to have them again. I'll also try to stop lurking so much! Ha!


dread tidyness

hey guys
havent posted in ages, I am going to London for 2 weeks, will be working near the Edgeware Road tube and staying in the centre. I need my dreads taming badly, I've left it for 2 long and now they're too much for me to successfully handle. PLEASE does anyone know anybody who could do this for me? I am willing to pay of course.
I probs wont be on the net too much but you should text me on
07967482232 if you can help me!
cheers guys


Here are my dreadlets. They say hello. Photo courtesy of my girlfriend Liz. They have a problem though. They are free of wax because the last time I locked the wax got really gross (I was using knottyboy). They've been knotting pretty fast, but they're getting a lot of loose hairs and unravelling. If I don't do something I'll develop some knotty locks - surrounded in tons of loose hairs. They're only about two weeks old, but I'm trying to raise them right, with values and morals and stuff. Does anybody have any advice on keeping dreadlets tidy and loose hairs down without dipping into the wax? Palmrolling doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

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Right, do you know when you just washed your hair, and your locks are kinda heavy? Well, sometimes i have that same feeling, but i'm not quite sure what to do about it. Usually when i lay down in the sofa, i put my hair on the arm-rest thing, so they won't feel as heavy. But what do you do when you haven't washed them, and you've got this weight-thing-feeling? Do you wear them up or.. ?

thanks in advance.
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i dont have any old pictures, but i had dreads for about a year.
they weren't amazing, but they were dreads. so whateves.
im gonna do them again SOON. and this weekend my friend and i are gonna do hers.
i love dreads!! they're absolutely amazing!!!!!

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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And also, since this community is full of so many faeries and free spirits, i wanted to let you guys know that i sew faery clothes.

Click the Image for my faery clothes!

I was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to link me, using one of the images above on your journals, infos or websites? The link is http://www.livejournal.com/users/demandablues
I would be happy to link you in return! :)

Thank you SO much. *sparkle*

(Please let me know if this isn't allowed, and i'll take off the bottom of my post!)
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I deleted my post about my dogs.
I thought it would be a fun thing to share.
I'm not trying to cause drama but I'm not going to keep the post up so people can tell me my dog is neglected. He is so ridiculously loved. I can't even begin to explain how adored and pampered he is. He is bathed and combed regularly. He'll be seeing the vet tomorrow. The vet has never told us his fur was a problem, but we'll bring it to her attention and see what she says.
I thought it would be fun to post in here but not if I'm going to be accused of animal cruelty.
I guess I'll stick to looking at your locks and posting my own.

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dread patching!

heh. this funny fatty dread had a weird dent in it, so i took some loose hair i'd cut last year, rolled it in my palm a bit, & patched it.

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(sorry i didn't get a 'before' shot, but rest assured it looked like a big triangular bite had been taken out of the dread.)

i palmrolled to make it fit the dent, then sewed the loose hair edges of the patch directly into the dread. after it settles a little better, it'll get a nice coat of red dye & no one will be the wiser. (except all 1400 of you, that is.)

my first set was "natural", but i wouldn't do that again. i get way too much enjoyment from fucking around with my locks. :D

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So I did my photoshoot today (you know for my dreads). My hair is really awesome now! The photo's I will post soon. Here are two (but fucked up) pictures of me, my sister made them after my shoot.

So here is a little preview.


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Question time!
Any bad experiences using beeswax stuff to do dreads as opposed to other wax?
I found this product called "Lets Dread" by Spectrum Inc. that is basically a beeswax paste
...it smells good at least?