July 30th, 2005

i have a question


how does everyong sleep with their dreads? i couldnt find it in memories. i mean; my bf (who is like my dread keeper.....?) has had me sleeping wiht panty hose on my head since ive had them. what does everyone else do? what do ya'll think works best?

thank you!!!
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Official Mod Post:
Today is July 30th. It is Saturday. MONDAY IS AUGUST 1ST Which means you have today and tomorrow to email us your contribution to the t-shirt conest. Jaki and I are still working out the details for printing, but please know that these will be awesome and wouldnt it be even more awesome if your design was on them?
Plus there is a prize for the winner!
Dont forget:



Hello, lovers.

Just wanted to share that I recently got a great job, despite the dreads. I scored a job as a biomedical research librarian at the Fosyth Institute in Boston. Big bucks, too. Of course, at the interview, I had to explain the dreads a little bit, and put up with a few uncomfortable moments (When I got my ID picture taken.. the guy was like, "We've never seen one like YOU before!". But it payed off.
So, it can be done! Dreads won't keep ME in a damn record store forever. ^_^

In other news, for anyone who cares, I got my new tattoo started about a week ago.
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Hi I'm Judi, friend of lishd. (I'm the one she re-dyed and punched a few weeks ago)

I don't have dreads, but I've been lurking for a few months and enjoy this community more than all of the ones I'm a member of, combined! So, last night I found something that reminded me of lishd. I sent it along to her and she suggested I stop being creepy, join and post. So here I am. Collapse )

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thought i might introduce myself..i'm andee..from toronto..i'm 26ish..brand new dreads...here's a snap..or two..

top of course..


one side..of my face..(he he)


the other side...for shits and giggles


hmmm...any questions..?

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this little guy is still reeling from his rejection in the banner contest last year (due to an apparent lack of appreciation for real artistic genius or possibly a miscount), but i personally think he'd be even BETTER as a t-shirt.

while i myself will not be purchasing any of the t-shirts, that doesn't mean i don't think he's a masterpiece.
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iwannabeemotoo might kill me because I think he wanted to post these pictures, but I couldn't wait.
He came on vacation with my family for a week. He was worried the whole week that his hair was frizzy, heh. Mine, however, knotted up a lot more for some reason.

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Yeah, that's my brother's surfboard that he restored...they were surfing Lake Huron. And yes, it is totally possible to surf in the Great Lakes. :)
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