August 1st, 2005

bleach and rubbing

Anyone find that rubbing in circular motions on the scalp dreads them quicker if you've bleached your hair? Does anyone have experience of having natural hair colour dreads and then bleaching them? How do they affect the dreadyness? Please share :)


Dread tying

Those of you who have dreads long enough to tie up, I want to pick your brains. Please tell me any and all interesting ways you have to put your dreads up, or back, or wherever. I've seen a lot of cool styles on dreadheads, but have a hard time figuring out how to simulate some of them. What I'm looking for is ideas, and real details.

For instance, the very basic way I put my dreads back is to pull them into a ponytail. I then take the dreads at the bottom of the ponytail and wrap them each in different directions around the base of the ponytail and tie them together in a knot. They're now long enough that they can go around several times, and sometimes I do that.

That's pretty basic and boring, but I'm just looking for other things I can do, and how to do them. Thanks.
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Mod stufffffffs:

Today is August 1st. As you may know August first marks the end of our t-shirt project. Thanks for playing.
Jaki is currently out of town and I am currently digging up information about awesome printing and logistics. When our seperate stuffs are done we'll have a conversation and figure out how all of this will go down. Once that is decided we'll post each submission here and you will all vote for your favorite. The person who's design is chosen will get a super awesome prize too.
So thats whats up with that. Just so you know.

Off topic: I work at starbucks and yesterday I had to ask someone to leave because they wernt wearing shoes. He's a regular and he got REALLY REALLY mad at me about it and angerly said under his breath as he was leaving:
"It figures... the one day I forget my sandals!"

It made my day. Woops. Forgot my sandals. damn.

*dears- stop it with the mildly spiced conversation about shoes vs. not shoes in public places. It's extremly civil as of this edit- but please dont let it get out of hand. I mentioned it more for the 'forgot' part then the 'no shoes in starbucks' part.*


im going to the beach this week. ive heard salt water can help with the tighteing of dreads, and mine have been a bit loosey goosey lately. should i bring on the ocean swimming fun?
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i got Chrissy's kawaiinose dread today in the mail. I originally wanted to attach it to some loose hairs at the back of my head, but seeing it's so tiny (but so friggin' cute!) i'm gonna attach it to one of my short dreads so it'll extend a bit. it might be a bitch to comb out the tip but i'm hoping it'll hold. if not, i might start my own dread collection like so many of you :)

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wish me luck :)
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