August 2nd, 2005

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I just wanted to introduce myself. im cashaila. i reside in milwaukee wisconsin i went to a little shop and got the comb coil method. she used locking gel,styling gel, and bees wax. so far so good. i just cant wait until these 3 weeks are over so i can wash my hair, but until then im using braid/lock cleaner. since my phone isnt working right heres an example of how my hair looks. thats not my hair.

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my friend was telling me about when she had dreads and said they started shrinking a LOT (much more than 20%). i'm not sure under what conditions, but she later cut them off because they were getting so short and i'm worrying it'll happen to me, too. is this fear unfounded?

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Hey -

OK. So, I bought myself a dread starter kit from KnottyBoy. It arrived yesterday, so I did my dreads the same day. It took 3 hours [I'm guessing it was so quick, because I've got extremely thin and straight hair].

Now, I was wondering what I should do to the dreads today [and for the next week or so]. Should I backbrush them again? Should I put more wax on? I also bought myself a maintenence kit for new locks which contains a tightening spray or gel [I don't remember] - should I use that?

They just don't seem to be locking so nicely - especially at the top. I know it's the first day and all, but I would have expected them to be a bit more knotted. Someone else asked the same question a few hours ago, and you said it would help if there were pictures. So here they are. Thank you!!

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I guess I should add that I only put about a pinky nail's size amount of wax on each dreadlock... Which to me didn't seem like a lot, considering my pinky nails are relatively small
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Let's hear it for rediscovering crap to put on your head!
I couldnt find the headband I wear most of the time when Ive got a headache from having my hair in a ponytail (does this happen to anyone else?) so I went digging through my box of headbands, scarves, and apparently a bandana that I havent worn since month 3 or 4 of my dreadlocks. I tied it on and told my husband he could laugh all he wanted, but I was comfortable so I didnt care. Surprizingly he said he liked it- even though I do look like Ive got laundry to do...
So here's some pictures... I think if its something Im serious about doing more of I really do need to get my hands on some better, less extreley ugly (less mock-cowboy) bandana's. We'll see though.

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hey gudu! quick post. last night i made some more of my super duper spray (water, lemon juice and sea salt) and i sprayed my hair REALLY well, like each one was soaked, and i palm rolled them and such and then went to sleep. i wake up this morning and they look greasy and feel kind of gross. this is probably because i completely messed up the ratios (a little more than 1/2 lemon juice and a WHOLE lotta salt). which one should i of used less of? or just both? and i don't have any pictures that are recent that i haven't posted of my locks but i have this picture, which i decided is extremely cute of me and my boy :)
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a week before turning three months old, my dreads looked like this, and i was all happy because my young dreads seemed to have bipassed the messy 3 month old stage.


pretty much the day they turned 3 months old, the little fuckers totally changed, loose hairs appeared, and so on. i didnt realise how much they'd changed til i washed them today - they've suddenly gotten much thicker and SO heavy when wet. also, the orange i tried to dye it is really doing weird things now...

but the reason i'm posting (there IS a reason), is to show the cutest bit of loose hair i (now) have. it's a perfect kiss curl (my hair used to be natural ringlets).

Image hosted by

oh, and i finally got brave enough to post my face again.

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EDIT: this is a celebration of my dreads being a bit weird suddenly, not a "OMG my dreads looks stoopid" whingy post. i <3 them however they are.
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Hi you guys, my dreads are about 7 or 8 months now and they are doing really well. But I have a problem, I try to not wash them a lot. This is not because I'm afraid they won't look nice after but for my colour. Because it goes out really fast! Especially the red that I have now on the under side of my dreads. But my scalp is really dry and I'm getting a lot of dandruff. But I'm afraid to wash my hair! Do you know something I could use to get the dandruff out of my hair without washing it?!


i should really leave the house more often.

i was at Ala Moana mall earlier, and i saw this guy with fat, gray rat-tail dreadlock. it was pretty crazy - it looked like he had had dreads (about past his shoulders) and then decided to cut them all off, cept that one in the back.

and then while i was on the bus home, the bus driver had short, perfect dreads. then after i got off the bus i saw a girl across the street who had dreads.

i mean, it's not that uncommon to see dreadheads around here, but three in one day makes me a happy girl. :D
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don't worry, I checked the memories first :op

I think someone posted about using apple cider vinegar and baking soda on their dreads awhile back but I can't find it and I've looked in the memories but I didn't see anything about it.  I know the ACV is fine to use but what about baking soda?  will it get stuck in them and make my head all covered with gritty goo or will it disolve with the water and ACV?  I asked in naturalliving  but they said ask to ask here which I was going to do anyway if I didn't get good answers from them.

oh, and I have shampoo leftovers that I'm wondering if I can use.  it's avalon organics tea tree mint treatment shampoo (ingredients on that page to the right).  There aren't any SLSs in it but I wasn't sure if the methylpropylparabens would count as residues thus making it not a residue free dread friendly shampoo.  I just figured I'd use it up if I could. pictures today, people.


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Here's my dread timeline!

I really cannot recall dates too well, but I'm going to post the pictures from youngest to oldest.

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p. ess.- I just finally got some Dr. Bronners shampoo, and I love it! It smells so good and foams up so well...yummy!
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Anyone with short girl-dreads, could you please post picture? I had armpit length matted narrow curly dreads (my userpic is from over a year ago and they've grown alot) and I cut them off to shoulder length in a annoyed rage. I'm just looking for ideas for haircuts

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My friend is thinking of getting dreads. Her hair is really straight and thick. It came to me that she should perm her hair first and wait awhile, then go at it.

I was thinking it would make her hair more porous while creating curls which probably lock easier-- as I recalled my permed days in 7th grade and the agony that was morning hair.

Should I give her this advice? Knowing that the hair will become damaged I am second guessing myself.

Schplease advise.

And here's some pictures of my newly-colored hair.

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I wish my hair would grow at super speed.

Anyone have any creative ideas for me to keep my short little dreadies out of my face while they are in the "growing out" stage? They aren't long enough to pull back yet :( and I'm just curious as to how all of you who also have short dreads keep 'em back!


i got a new tattoo today!!!
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peace beautiful people :)
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weeee :D

I'v not post'd in a bit, so here is some more dready pics for yaz.. :D

i like this pic because it shows how all my hair is congo'in up... looks like allot of locks but its only 2.....

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