August 3rd, 2005

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Question: I have looked in the memories, and this further confused me; when I wash my dreads, am I washing my dreads or the roots of my hair? Should I focus more on washing the dread and drying it out more with shampoo or other cleansing washers, or should I focus on drying out the roots, so they dread easier?

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Hey all!

Im new to the community (and dread locks) and wanted to ask you dread-aficionados a couple questions...

First off, my dreads are about 1 month old and are starting to tighten up. However the tips are loose, and im looking for a way to get them to knotted up. Any suggestions?

Also, someone told me that if a dread is loose you can wrap it string and keep it in for a week or two and it should start to tighten. Do you think this is worth trying?

Ill try and post some pictures tomorrow. Thanks =]
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a quick before-work post

my dreads will be eight months old next week - here i'm just showing off the stone rings i picked up in philly. from the top, it's hematite, onyx, & carnelian. i'm wearing them on the two dreads i'm letting grow together instead of combining because i didn't want to sacrifice the cool metal decorations on either lock - you can see the 18ga body jewelry wire i wrapped around one of them.

& yes, i had three hours of ribcage tattooing performed by mario barth while i was away - i'll post pics here if i decide to make the piece public. next trip: chicago & my sleepover gudu fest!


me to little brother

me: I smell so good right now. I used the new body wash in the shower upstairs. It smells like roses. You should use it too. Then you'll smell purdy.
mike: uh, that's my dread shampoo.
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"bead" swap

i wear a coil of body jewelry wire in my hair (18ga 316LVM steel) - i have several feet of the stuff & can make a coil any diameter if anyone's interested in a bead swap.

you can see mine in this pic & also in the image i just posted.

beads to fit my locks need at least a 3/8" hole. post pics if you're interested in trading!

I took new pics of my hair.

If you read my journal then you've already seen these posted there. Anyway, my locks are two years old. They were formed via the 'neglect method'. I very much dislike that term but it seems that saying that they are natural seems to be a controversy. Even still, that's how I prefer to explain them so henceforth, that's what I'm saying! They *are* natural.

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Cheshire Mad

Any Texans???

Does anyone live in the Austin,Texas area? I've always wanted dreads and now i can finally get them, so i need someone who has experience making them and who will help me with the hours it will take! (I have medium lenght/wavy hair just so you know) ;)

Any help would be appreciated!

-Kitty *meow*
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Hmmmm..what do ya think

I have been wanting dreads since I was 16, which was ever so long that I am 24 (well almost damnit) I can finally have them thanks to a cushy job where freedom of expression is finally allowed. I was wondering what you guys think..I know that they take a while to 'mature' but, do ya think that my hair is gonna are some really crappy photos ('scuse the camera shes an old girl)

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Sing out

One baby dready

So I was at Waffle house at god awefult thirty in the morning the other night and suddenly realized I was holding a bitty dread!

I'm not sure how I absentmindedly did this, but seeing as how I (well, lish et al) plan on doing the whole head in 20 days (!). I gave it a bit o' TLC and figured I'd see how it does. Its been about 5 days and I've had to take care of my not yet dreaded hair so its been subjected to every other day washings and a bit o' conditioner. This pic was taken about five minutes ago though and i think it bodes pretty well for my soon to be new dreads. Theres a good bit of loose hair at the top, but the rest is rediculously tight until the loose little end. I guess my hair is just begging for dreads. sweet.

yikes my neck looks deformed! I'm really just turning it waaaayyyy to the side to take the pic.
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Newbie Wonders..

What was your reaction the first time you dreaded your hair?
I am very interested in dreading mine. Many, many reasons.. I want something permanent to remind me of the presence and future. I enjoy living naturally, being vegetarian. And, well, I love the look.
But I am worried how I'll feel after I take the plunge. I have straight, thin hair, but I would love for it to become thick dreadlocks.. but what if it looks patchy and pathetic? I know no one can answer these questions or calm my nerves, but how did you feel the first time?
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