August 4th, 2005

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i don't have new pics, so I post some old ones.. not very old:P

half year ag. they were 9 monts old (you can;t see them really good here i guess...)

3 months ago. 1 yrs old:)

i'll post better pictures in de future;)

Cleaning dreads

A friend at work told me that a friend of hers has a boyfriend who has dreadlocks down to his bum. And the way he went about cleaning his dreads was by using a small vacum cleaner. Those hand held ones. Im not entirely sure how he went about it but it was a quicker method. And believe it or not there are quite a few people out there who actually do that too.
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I know, I know, I said I was waiting and letting it all go naturally.
But I got impatient, and I blame all of you, and the awesome pictures you all post. :P
So last night iwannabeemotoo started doing my hair. I have a very low pain tolerance, though, so we had to stop, eventually. They'll be done by this afternoon, and I'll post some pictures.
At least I still have about four nice, natural dreads.
It wouldn't have even taken that long. Hah.
Grr. I'm upset with myself.
Although these suckers are looking mighty cute.
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hey my names ilyse, and i've been watching this community forever. i am amazed by all of your dreads they are all so beautiful, keep up the awesome work :] i am looking at getting dreads somewhere in the near future.. and i have a few questions for all of you.
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dear mods,

can we please have a READ BEFORE POSTING requirement? a list of FAQ? the memories are great, but if we could just list some very simple FAQs in the info, that would help so much.

don't get me wrong, i love people, and i love new people. but we get the same questions at least 4 times a week.

Q: here is my picture. would i look good with dreads?
A: who knows? we all love dreads, so we will tell you yes. but you need to decide for yourself.

Q: does my hair need to be dirty to dread?
A: no, clean hair dreads better.

Q: should i use wax?
A: it's a personal choice. some people think it helps and makes them neater, some think it's gross and greasy.

Q: my hair is very short/long/thin/thick/purple, can i still have dreads?
A: yes. everyone can have dreads. it may be easier for certain hair types than others, but everyone can have them.

Q: should i get them done professionally?
A: if you want them to look neat and perfect from the start, go ahead. if you're willing to wait and let them develop their own personality, don't.

i love you all.

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Hello. I'm Erica. I have heard of washing your hair without brushing? and it resembling dreads. I haven't been washing my hair, but i've been brushing it out almost everyday. Does anyone know what my results will be? :/

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whenever i put my hair up, everyones like, your dreads are falling out! im like, no, there just new....! has that happened to anyone else? is there anything i can do about that?
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Ok i have a question
My friend the co-worker just got dreads, and IMO look horribal.
he wanted them in section and only has like 19 dreads and he is a lil pissed.
so i offered to re-do it for him

he has a handful of waX in his hair, should i have him wash as much out as possibal and just tear the twists (to part them in smaller sections) and backcomb?
can i just tear, section, backcomb right away?

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Ive had dreads for a year now....
Does anyone else fear of balding form dreads? Maybe because of the force onthe roots of your hair?

Hahah im just wondering

Oh and wicked new layout
fuck yeah!
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Back on the Dread Wagon!

I'm putting my dreads back in on Wednesday!!! *excited*

Its been years since I have had them and have felt incomplete without them. Its only now that I have been able to find a decent job that don't mind ther way I look.


Thats soooo soon!
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Three cheers for the U.S. postal system for delivering things a day early!!
I got the hat I ordered from peachtikitea which is amazing because it was mailed out only two days ago! My god. I was expecting it tomorrow so when my husband came home with the mail and a big plastic envelope with my name on it today I was so geeked! (yes, Im a geek for saying "geeked")
The hat itself is great, it fits really well, isnt too too baggy and I can still get all my hair into it easily. So excited! On with the pictures because they do the hat better justice :)

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lemon juice to lighten?

hey everybody. i was just browsing some of the older posts and i came across someone mentioning using lemon juice to lighten your dreads. is there any truth to this? i looked in the memories but the one post for lemon juice doesn't say anything about lightening. has anyone tried this? thanks...

and a couple of pics, just because i can...

a couple pix

so..i said i would post pix..but still havent gotten around to putting my pictures on the computer..i threw a couple up there a few days i will share those for the first they are 2 days the second they are about a week old..

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