August 6th, 2005



so in the past week i haven't washed or brushed my hair (i did this without noticing) and it has begun to curl into itself (it is wavy and if i work on it it curls up, normally, but now it is just curly by itself, and the curls stick to themselves). i am thinking i'm just going to let it go because some bits of it seem to be knotting themselves up and i like that. i have never had hair dreads before (i have had Collapse ) twice).
basically right now it is in little tendrils, and i don't want to do anything to it so that it will lose its natural shape/disturb it (which includes washing) until it is locked. however, i am living with my parents right now and i feel like my mother is going to die if i don't wash my hair for a month (which is how much longer i will be here). would aloe/weak saltwater/lemon juice/whatever else you might use speed up my hair dreading, or does that only work to tighten up existing dreads? also, have any of you let your hair dread on its own before? how long did it take? any tips?

Story time.

Has anyone ever burned their hair? I guess it happens to plenty of people. Last night I was out with my friends and lots of them were around. Usually when doing something near my face I think to push my dreads back away from my face, however, I guess I was distracted or something last night b/c while lighting a cigarette, THE ONE TIME I FORGET to move my hair first, and WHOOSH my favorite dread, Nelson, was up in flames. Holy hell. It was only on fire for a second, then I had it in my hand, too afraid to look. Luckily it just got singed. It doesn't really look like it got burned, but it looks really odd now b/c the two inchesish at the bottom are now skinner than the rest. Which sucks.
Also, this is a different subject, but earlier last night, this guy asked if I had "real" dreadlocks. I said yeah huh and he asked which of the two ways I did them: the first one was really out there but I dont remember what it was, the second was never washing your hair. I said neither, that I'd done them with a comb, and he was like, "Oh, they're not real then". :) people are silly. He was under the impression that dreads were supposed to be nasty and dirty, or else they wouldn't work.

I know I look knackered

So because of my girlfriend I ended up having to stay awake for 28 hours solid from Thursday to Friday. Which was the perfect time for me to watch nearly the entire season 1 DVD of scrubs and have my girlfriend perform some much needed maintenance on my locks. They are now just over 6months old and I couldn’t be happier with the way they are turning out.

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Hi irie

My name is Mnas and I am from Tanzania, Africa. This is me:
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(Sorry this picture is so large...)
I have had dreads for seven years and I wanted to ask everyone here "What made you decide to grow dreadlocks?" Because for me, I grew them because I am Rastafarian and I always wondered what makes people who are not Rastafarian get dreads. Thank you for answering me-- I am really interested to discuss this. I have never travelled outside of Africa, so it is interesting for me to see a website like this.

Thank you,
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