August 7th, 2005

Ipod Banana!

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If any of you nutty people want one of my old dreadlocks (from my first set), let me know. You guys seems to like sharing so I figured I'd contribute.

That is all.

Edit: I should add that you should send your address to jgrier at gmail dot com. I'll mail them out as soon as I can.
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evil monkey

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today i went to the beach with some of my college friends i havent seen since summer started.
and it was my dreads first time in the ocean.
and can i jsut say.. they LOVED it and i loved it cause they were happy haha.
theyve never looked so good wet... or just dryed.
and i know this is cause of the saltwater i jsut wanted to share my happiness... ;)

(pictures come another day)
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just what you've always wanted. a timeline! including both sets.

december 2003 - july 2005
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now my color has faded and i like it better. you can see it in my icon.
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Quick Qustion.

I could not find this in the memories, sorry if i am blind.

How soon can I safely dye my dreads? Mine our a week and a half old, i plan to bleach them and dye them soon. Perhaps at seperate times. I would like to do that tonight, but if I hear more nay's then yey's then I will not. Thank you.