August 9th, 2005


5 months!

Today my dreadies are 5 months old! I have been telling people all day and no one cares. But I know you do ;)

The time really is going by so quickly...
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Musikfest, PA.

just curious. is anyone going to musikfest in bethlehem, pa this weekend? i believe its running all week but i really want to see george clinton and parliment funk on saturday night and steve miller band on sunday. my friends might not be up for them, not their genre. just woundering if anyones around that area thats going?

warning kids....tis a huge post.

pics heavy. its been my boyfriend's bday and we just gave my little brother dreads.

ok, so i guess ill start out with my bro.


well he goes by george.

He is 14 and about to start high school.

here he is before we got a hold of him:

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(the fro jsut had to go)

and then...

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ps: you guys rock my socks off.

its been a long sad day

today was a bad day. i had to undue my dreads. alot of them were not staying together and i just finally just gave into my parents and washed them out. it took an assload of time and soap and tears cause that shit heart like hell. but ya. im gonna ree get them done. does any one have any tips for doing "African American Textured" hair in dreads. its about 4 or 5 inches long and i would be very grateful.

Peace, Love & Bud
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I thought it might be interesting to share what our dreads have been through aka what good and bad things you've been through since having your dreads. I like to think that dreads have super powers in helping you get through hard times.

My babies are officially one month old now. Yay! So far they've been through having my house robbed a couple of days ago, and soon they'll go through wisdom teeth surgery.
My camera's at home so the pictures aren't great since I used my webcam. I make copper jewellery from time to time, and after making a necklace today I realized that hey - it stays put in my dreads too!
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