August 10th, 2005


Not quite a week old

Just wanted to share. So, I last washed my hair on Thursday of last week, dreaded my hair Friday, and *broke down* and washed my hair yesterday because my scalp itched like crap and had a layer of gunk on it (ewww). It never felt so good to scatch the heck out of my scalp. Anyways. I've read in hear that some people profess that washing them help them lock faster. I have nothing to compare it to, as this is my first time doing them... but they look MUCH better today than they have all week... of course, it took me another three hours to play with them last night... not because they *needed* it, but because I felt like it. AND, added bonus, some of you mentioned that these things have a mind of their own when deciding whether to dread alone or get *eaten* by another. When I initially did them, I had about 42 dreads... after last night, I have 55! Some just felt happier on their own. Anyways... the point of this post was to share my fledgling experience in that, for me:

a. Washing with Dr. Bronners tea tree and following with a salt water spritz REALLY helped during their first week.


b. Letting the dreads follow their own course of action is probably the best thing to do.

LOVE this group... thanks again for all your advice. Hope I can start returning the favor.

First impressions are everything. Supposedly.

Heeeey Everyone!

I'm new and I had a few questions:

1. I told my parents about my dreads and my dad was all "Oh hell no!" and my mom was all "Not my baby!" and I really need a place to stay now that I'm a rebeeeeel! Any takers?

2.My BMI is average, my favorite number is 7, and the planets are said to align in my favor tomorrow. Would I look ok with dreads?

3. I'm using wax! Bwahaha!

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OK! im finaly posting here. wew!
HI! im tara, ive been a silent (for the most part) admirer for a while now. ive been craving dreads for about a year, but i just couldnt wrap my mind around the thought of actually having them. but this past summer, after meeting and talking to a woman called miriam
(photo: << its huge and not that great, but.. thats her.. and.. guh!) and once i asked her all my questions and voiced all my concerns and all those things, i made up my mind. and she was gonna dread me up. and i was SO excited. and then... we couldnt get wax. see, we were in the outscerts of yosemete, and unable to locate it in the surrounding towns. it was horribly dissapointing. so here i am, back at home, with a very boring head. i can either find some random person to dread me, or wait a year till miriam comes back from college. i cant stand the thought of waiting, but i really want the experiance to be shared with some one special to me... im at a loss. there is the possibility of this woman (rina: << basically a goddess.) coming to visit me, and maybe she would do the honors?
ahhhhhh :( i was so pumped.

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