August 11th, 2005

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today when i went to the grocery store, i was in line at the check out, and the cashier looked really happy doing her job, etc, but when my turn in line came up her face dropped and she stopped talking, completely. she didnt even say hello or hi or "do you have your vic card?" like they always ask. she scanned my items, in dead silence, and when she finished she said in a low voice,

"so you tryin' to get locks or something?"

first off, it was really derogatory and kinda rude, not to mention i hate hate HATE it when someone accuses me of "trying," as if i had failed miserably but it was apparent that i had "tried."

i didn't want to keep the conversation hostile, so i tried staying modest and said, "yeah, they take a lot of patience, but i'm getting there, i hope."

and then she had the nerve to say "you know why it ain't workin right? it's cause your kinda hair ain't spose to lock. your total is $17.23."

i was so utterly offended. i just gave her my money and left without saying anything, and as i walked away i heard her greet the customer after me with a big happy "HEY! how you doin'?"

obviously, the "your kinda hair" referred to me having caucasian hair, and yes she was black, but she really didn't have to be so condescending about it. i personally think my hair has come quite a long way over this past year and a half, and then i have people like her tell me what a horrible job i've done.

normally i would have brushed it off my shoulder but it really hurt my feelings.

and now i run and cry to gudu. buuuuhhhuhuhuhuhuh!
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i cannot believe the surplus of comments, support, and feedback from my last post. you guys are just so wonderful and i feel better about myself than before the whole incident. i can't believe this community means so much to me. you guys are the best friends anyone could ever have, and really, i mean it. i have so much in common with you all, and you're all the nicest people i've ever met, ever, not to mention you're all so unique with so much damn personality. thanks you soooo much!

in this light, i have collected myself and would just like to give a hefty

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work in progress

just a few pics, tell me what you all think of the progress. i am still only halfway done with them; the hair underneath has not been touched yet. this is taking a while! i started at the end of june.

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5 weeks.

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i felt compelled to put some elastics in it because of the way my hair is knotting towards the bottom (as seen in the second to last picture); i don't want to have them in because i don't really want to inhibit my hair's growth, but at the same time my hair looks nothing like dreads closest to the root. would temporarily putting in elastics help this unruly hair, or will i regret it in the long run?

ps: neither of my regular cameras have batteries so i reverted to the camera on my phone. in other words, sorry for the picture quality :/


So, today I took the plunge and went right ahead and did them. My good friends Sophie and Jake [who had glorious dreadlocks for 8 months] came over and helped. Sophie's brother Colin, who happens to be another close friend, was there for moral support.
Here are the few photos taken:
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Long live frizz!

Now, I know that everyone has a different opinion about dreads and how they like them. I think smooth ones are just as great, and all dreads are amazing because they all have different personalities. However, for a moment, I just wanted to confess my undying love for frizzies.

When I was in middle school, all I did was agonize over the ways my hair didn't look like a shampoo commercial. After a while I forgot about how I hated frizz, and now I've just realized that's it's probably my favorite thing about not combing my hair and having dreads. It feels so wild and free and I love that some dreads fall out and some separate and some just tighten up so well, and the frizz reaches out in odd ways, and when there's light behind me it sillouettes and looks like I'm glowing. I just think it's lovely.

What dreads characteristics make you happy?
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