August 14th, 2005

Day 3?

So, I have a two stories and some photos for all of you lovely folks:
first being that last week I saw a very nice looking boy inside of Noodles who knew how to eat with chopsticks and had dreads. I was meaning to tell him how much I loved his hair, but he snuck out before I got a chance.

The other: A few friends and I went to [read: crashed] a party of one of my ex-friends. A boy there who I often steal hats from during the drama said to me, "You know, look really good with those dreads." I was so happy ^-^

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also, one of my friends recently brought to my attention that the top of my head looks goofy because it's 'normal.' Will this get better with time, or am I fucked?
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A little happy update for those of you who remember my last post asking about professional dreadlock removal.

I did not even stop in Vancouver on my trip, so I didn't go to the Knotty Boy salon. Having had to wait like this, I've started to doubt again whether this is what I really want. You guys kind of scared me, actually. I think I'm going to wait a while longer and make sure that I can live without them, and even live with possibly very short hair. I don't know yet. But in the meantime I still love my dreads and am happy to keep rocking them!

(I've also got some really beautiful prints from my trip and as soon as I can get them digitized I'll be sure to share :)
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Here is why dreads are excellent:

Last night I was out drinking VAST amounts (to be honest, I'm still rather drunk and it's 10am) from 4pm onwards in the town centre... whilst walking between pubs at some point early on some complete FUCK decided it would be an excellent idea to throw an unopened can of beer a hundred yards up the road right at my head.

My dreads cushioned most of the impact, so I barely even bled! Marvellous. Also, because I'm clearly hard as nails I simply continued walking to the next pub.

I turned around to see who did this, and they (there were several of them) legged it up the road!

Utter utter CUNTS.

But hey, here's to dreads!

edit: haha, I just noticed what song's playing
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i haven't posted pictures in FOREVER.
my dreads are a little less than a month old and they're doing really well at the roots.
as you can see from the pictures, the ends are sort of lacking, but i assume they'll get better with time and love.

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My new dreads.

I have been a member of this community for over a year now and have admired dreads for much longer than that.... I finally decided I was bored with everything else (after having my hair every color in the book, figuring out how to attach my own synthetic braids, and even shaving it completely bald) and I thought I would go for dreads.

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If you want to look at more pictuers, I'm going to keep posting them under the dread tag on my Flickr page. I have a few more up there right now.

But I'm a little confused about how often I can wash my hair. I used Dr. Bronner's last night and I LOVED it so I want to keep using that but how often should I wash it? I'm around a lot of smokers (and I smoke myself occasionally) so my hair picks that up really easily... what should I do?

I love my new dreads... I like to watch them grow and play... they're like my new pets =)
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weird question... im looking for a gerron (or garron, or geron, or garon, whatever you get the idea) milbourn. if you are this person or might know this person reply back will ya. oh and the age should be like 18-20 but hey if they are like 16 or 17-22 hey what the hell....

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Kinda a gross question.

I work in a vet clinic. I'm the new kid, so I get the honor of cleaning the runs every morning. After a week of working there, my mother informs me that my hair kinda smells like dog funk and antiseptic. I wash my hair twice a week and take a shower every day, so it's not like I'm not cleaning myself. But.. would wearing a hat help keep my hair from sucking up the smells?

sleeping on dreads

What are your thoughts on sleeping on dreads after you've washed them? I think I remember hearing about that being a bad idea. It'd be really convenient for me if I could go to bed with my dreads wet and wake up with them dry though. Any opinions or tips?

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They are only 3 weeks and one day old.
They seem to be doing very well for toddlers.
Sorry for the black and white, it seems to fit my mood lately.

Side note is, my boss passes me today in front of customers and goes "what did you do to your hair?" in the most disgusted voice. And after telling her i dyed it (because I didn't think about how she probably hasn't realized I had dreads after a few days after employment), she suggested I dye it back after asking if i ment it to turn out that way. How rude.