August 16th, 2005

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hi everyone!
i took a brief break from gudu but i realize how much i missed it. so i'm back!
hey to all the old faces and the new faces as well.
hope everyone and their locks are doing well.
i've had mine for almost 2 years (feb) and its insane how much they've changed.
i've been exploring diffrent are a few examples. hopefully they inspire some of you.

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how is my hair this long?
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Help me out here...

Hey everyone, I need your help. One of my BEST childhood friends is getting married in October. I am a bridesmaid in her wedding and today she called me to go over some final details for the dresses and she said, "And don't forget to do something about your hair." I asked her what she meant, thinking she would say she wanted me to wear a scarf or something, but instead she said, "You're going to cut it, right?" I laughed out loud because I thought surely she was joking. But... she was actually serious. She went on to tell me that she really expects me to cut off my dreads for her wedding. I told her there is NO WAY that's happening, and she said, "Why not, it's just hair." I told her that her request is absolutely rediculous but she doesn't seem to think so. I said that she needs to ask someone else with dreads what their opinion is, and she said I'm the only person she knows with dreads. So what I need you all to do is leave comments telling her how INSANE she is for expecting me to chop off my locks, and I'm going to show this entry to her in hopes of changing her mind.

merci :)
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getting there

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(because black and white is ALWAYS more flattering)
We started on friday, we're still not finished. I'm hoping they'll stop sticking straight out the way once I have my first shower.
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hey all,
i'm in the middle of dreading my hair, but they sure don't look like dreads! there are these long hairs poking out of the tips of the dreads where i held on to backcomb, is this normal? also, when i used the pre-dreading/wax-removing soap on my hair it stripped most of my hairdye out. how long should i wait before dyeing my dreads? i plan on giving them a quick 20 vol. bleach just to get them to a goldeny-blond color, if that makes a difference. i realize that all the things i'm encountering are probably just things i will have to patient with, i'm mostly just excited to finally be starting the process!

Chicago excitement + random pics


It's been a while. Haven't really been around much, have I?
Got a job, so that cuts out a lot of internet time..
..and then I've been 'vacationing' from LJ for a bit over on Xanga...
Heh, I can't seem to maintain both blogs at the same time.

Geesh, speaking of vacations... I COMPLETELY didn't realize that the Chicago trip is ONE WEEK AWAY!!
I looked at my work schedule for next week, and was like "Why the @*%# do I only have 16 hours next week?!?!" So then I was a dumbass and asked my boss about it... wondering why I'm a full-time employee but I get a lousy 16 hours... haha, and he reminded me that HEY, I REQUESTED THAT TIME OFF!!!!
Which was a slap in the face to how close I am to hanging out with Lish and Christy and Ellen (and I forget who else! sorry!)..! So yay. *excited little jig*

So to celebrate my excitement, here are just a few pics.

Okay, this is me rocking out utter cuteness
with a cute double-ponytail thing... :-D
[Geesh, my tips are kinda long.]

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Oh, and did I mention that I have
the cutest dog ever? :-)
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