August 18th, 2005


the mistake of root looping

Hello lovely dread heads!

So by following some evil friends advice, i have made the mistake of looping the roots of all my dreads around 2-3 months ago, and i have repeated this mistake on some of them , and only now did i start seeing what a wrong decision that was. My roots look so messy and weird and it really does feel like , the new hair that is growing is not dreading at all .
is there any way out of this? or am i just stuck with evil roots not wanting to grow into the dread because i looped them?


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To the girl that posted a while back about a new way of wearing dreads by tucking in all remaining locks after tieing your hair together with 2 dreads (sorry, that's the best description i can give you :p - i can't remember your username):


I tried this new hairdo two days ago & after fidling about for 10 minutes i ended up with this:

i love love love it very much.
it's really light & neat. add a flower to it & you have partyhair :D

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that's all. keep it reeeeeeeeaaaal.

ps: big cheer for bodhi_tree who's been flying for hours (and probably still is on her plane) to get her bum to Europe. MUHAHAHA, we got her now! take THAT, America ;D

wooh :D
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sorry, its not exactly on topic, feel free to delete, i just don't want this to go to waste.
i have an extra car pass (which means admission to as many people as you cann squeeze in your car) to bel tek, a private electronic dance music festival/campout on saturday night!
its in belmont, Maine, about an hour and a half north of portland, an hour from bar harbor, and 40 minutes from bangor.

Boombazi will be opening the festival at one pm.

and djs include:
Jen "popgirl" 23
Pat Fontes
Andy Kaotik
Jack mf
and 10 or so more

if you can get there, let me know and i will find a way to get you the car pass.
There is camping, and a fire show.