August 21st, 2005


Ok so dreadheads. And in particular the ones from northeast US/Quebec/Eastern Canada/whomever likes to travel.

We should have a meetup. And i'm thinking in boston. However i know nothing of boston, other than the fact that they like parties and dislike tea. ;) Nor what festivals happen in boston. So i'm open to locations. As for a time frame i'm thinking early/mid october or late september. Before school gets too hectic and we all have papers and whatnot due.

So i guess whati'm looking for/asking is who would be willing to partake and would anyone like to help organise it? Preferablly someone from the boston area or someone who knows the area. That way we can figure out stuff to do a whole bunches easier.

So... who's in? As far as i know arielhp and myself would be most interested. so... so far it's at 2.

Condensed details: As of now.
Where: Boston (?)
When : Late Sept~Early/Mid Oct
Who : YOU!!
Why : Because we're all supa cool!1! ;D
What : A bunch of dreadheaded people getting together.
Cost : Gas money and food... maybe some lodging.

PS: i'd be coming from Fredericton, New Brunswick. So if anyone was along the way i could pick you up and give you a drive. however i only have 2 seats left.
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sad sad sad

i decided to wait for dreads til i grow out my hair a little*sob* i just don't want to look like raggedy andy. that look just doesn't sound right for me. i will keep looking at pics and stuff, but it won't be too long. . . . . . maybe 6 monthes if all goes right aqnd i eat lotsa jello. . . . .
i am on my luch break right now. . . . all alone. . . . . . .by myself. . . . .with no one else around. . . . . . . .the only one in the house. . . . . . .nobody here but me. . . . .
not to mention the totally neglectful behavior of my parents, i mean, honestly, no dessert!
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hear no

just under 4 months

i'm going to be away from home again on their 4 month birthday, so i thought i'd post now.

for anyone who remembers my last post, the kiss curl is gone *sob*. i kept fiddling with it until it became a little ball of knots, so i ended up just flipping it inside the nearest dread.

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and introducing my favourite dread

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to all you uk dreadheads: what do you use to wash your dreads? i'm finally starting to run low on the dreadhead hq soap i ordered from america, and i'm not sure i can be arsed getting it from over there again. so... dr bronners? something else? i know someone mentioned a body shop non-residue shampoo, but i couldnt find it in our local one. :S

to everyone else: anyone else find that they've developed dread-dar? i swear pratically before any dreadhead is in visual range i'm all like "my dready senses are tingling".

pee ess: apologies to zoi, who loves my weird tshirts. i did take a load of photos in one of my random shirts, but the camera died and they went with it. if it helps, this dress is super pretty, & i'll try harder next time. :P

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Why do my dreads not look like dreads anymore? I got them like August 1st and they're just not that tight. I don't have pictures but I don't really know what to do. ROlling helps for a few days then they just go back to normal. People come up to me and are like "What happened to your dreads? Did you take them out?" Should I start using wax? Thanks in advance!
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I have not posted in a long while

My hair looks all wavy cus i braided it overnight...and took out the braids in the morning to make them crimped looking.. am experimenting with my hair these days..cus i need new ways of making my locks look pretty. I was wondering how many ppl in the community are of Caribbean descent. :)

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