August 22nd, 2005


Tams and caps

I should soon have a website up so I don't clutter gudu while trying to peddle my wares!
Behind the cut are 2 hats i have currently for sale. If you are interested or have any questions or comments
please email me at (take out the REMOVE)
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Boston Meet. Part Deux.

OK, so approx 11 people said that they'd like to go to a meet. Now. Rather than clog up GUDU board's with multiple posts about this all the time i'd like to make an email mailing list. But after i checked the first 3 people's profiles for e-mail address's and found none i got a bit down. So here's what you should do. Either comment with your e-mail address (you can screen it, i don't mind), or send me a short e-mail with the subject field as Boston Meetup (or really anything that lets me know who you are) at this address:
Tidd_darren at (replace the at with a @)

then we'll get this puppy on the road (in 4 to 8 weeks, please allow for shipping and planning).

:) hope to hear from you all soon.
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hippi love

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so i've been looking into the future of my dreads and i was wondering about the growing out process of dreads. i want to keep my dreadies for a good loooong time but my hair grows like a madman. as they grow out do you just try to dread the roots or how do you approach that?
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my hair was really fried when i dreaded it, so i think that's why the ends sort of ball up, and they rip off really easily.

so i end up with these little balls of my hair, lol.
i wish i didnt lost my camera in detroit when i was wasted, otherwise iw ould take pictures of one thats abotu to fall off.

so when i was trying to weave one back into my hair, it fell off and i gave it to my brother cuz he just moved out and a dreadlock is good luck!

he was totally grossed out. then he bought a lottery ticket later and one $10 and i was like YEAH WHAT NOW.

fuck yeah!
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yay and woo

More pics as I'm feeling so happy about my dreads.

I have been forced to have *normal* hair for the past two years and have only just been able to put my dreads back in. They make me so happy. I actually feel like me again. Isn't that strange to feel more complete with a certain hairstyle? But fuck it, I do. They are only two weeks old but man, if I could hug them I would.

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So I went through the Memories before I figured I'd ask (go me! however, knowing me, I just didn't look hard enough :-[), but I couldn't find anything, so...

Dandruff. If you've got it, what do you do about it? Is there any sort of shampoo that's dread-friendly and dandruff...not-friendly? (anti-dandruff, there we go.)Any tips?

Thanks muchly for any advice in advance :)

you are all BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL!
(i'm sorry, i had to say it.)

*resumes lurking in tiny dark corner*
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