August 25th, 2005

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I just want to say that I love this idea to post "unflattering" pictures. I love the fact that in truth, I don't believe there is such thing as an unflattering picture. Especially after everyone has posted some because everyone looks completely adorable in them. They make me smile! :D

Edit: I found some unflattering pictures of my own.

title or description
Late night dressing up and putting on crazy makeup just for fun.

Earlier this summer we did a scavenger hunt which resulted in quite a few ugly pictures. :)
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Aw, I had a nice long post with plenty of pictures but my pc went suicidal and restarted itself.
I think it's officially dead.

So anyway, I have plenty of "honest" or uhm, silly looking pictures.

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Maybe I'll post some more pictures soon, when my pc behaves.

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angry Aeryn

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Sorry about the shocking quality of the photo (there ARE dreads there, honest!) Every single one I've had someone take of me over the past month I look terrible in, and the camera doesn't take great shots to begin with. I tried taking a close-up of the actual locks but it came out too blurry.

They're definitely feeling a lot more "dread"y, especially at the back. I've been washing them every three days or so, basically whenever they feel like they're getting oily, and spraying them with saltwater and palmrolling them every day. I keep them tied back mainly for work. I tried putting a few pony beads in to keep them a bit tighter at the roots, but a lot have been breaking - I'm going to have to hunt down some wooden beads, I think.

This is such a neat community - I love seeing everyone's locks, in every shape, form and size!
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I'm moving to Brighton, UK on the 24th September.
Just hoping someone might know someone there, as I need a job desperately. If i don't get a job, the next year will be spent tossing a coin between eating, or getting mashed. And I know what I'll do :S
thank you, you beautiful contented pobl.

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So, yeah. I've been trying to keep it a secret, but I'm pretty sure it's out now.

I'm totally the GUDU flirt.

But that's only because I love you all and think you're tremendously beautiful.

And yes, I do mean, "you all." Everyone in this community is so beautiful. I can't get enough of it.


I could go on and on, but then it wouldn't be dread related...

Oh! To make it dread related:

I met a man in Dallas, Tx today who has had his dreads for 12 years. He encouraged me on my locks and said, "I grow dreadlocks because without them I wouldn't be free."

I haven't heard a truer statement spoken in quite some time.
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a story

This is a story i just HAD to tell cause it really ticked me off.

My friend Robin really wanted to do something to his hair. So my friend Kristi was like, I'll give youa mohawk! and he didn't really want to cut his hair. So i suggested that i would give him dreadlocks since i knew how and have done it for a few people. He was worried at first since he's a doctor, but i assured him that it didn't have to be permanent and that he could cut them off wheven he wanted and leave a couple of inches of hair or even comb them all out. He was all for it.
So when i had some time we got together and I gave him dreads. I parted his hair nicely and gave him nice locks. The best I've ever done. Took me about 2.5 hours cause he wanted thin ones. The next morning i saw them and they all had stayed in (no wax) and looked great. Everyone we worked with loved them, even the kids.
so he had it all that day and then the next day, they were gone.
And he kept trying to hide from me.
And all the little girls were saying "Anna, why did he take them out? we liked them"
and i said "i don't know"
and one girl said, "its cause some girls were teasing him that he liked you now since you did his hair."

WHAT??? All that work for nothing cause hes afraid of what some little girls think. IT IRKS ME!

the end

From Sideshow Bob to Shaggy.

I love seeing the Sideshow Bob pics of people with new dreads. I loved that phase of big puffy dreads, I want to see everyone's pictures of that time! I guess it only applies to people who crafted their locks, not the ones who stopped brushing and let nature take over...

Here's mine: 2002 and 2005!

2002, short, spiky, and purple!

2005, long, pink, and shaggy!

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Hi guys, kawaiinose here. This is my little sisters journal and Im updating under her name because she now officially has dreadlocks in her hair.
After a full month of waiting, and so many schedule changes it hurts my head to think about it- I finally ended up doing her head for her.
Here are the pictures for all y'all.

These are in order, starting with natural hair and ending up with dreaded hair:

Her name is Leanna and she's 14.

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