August 26th, 2005

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Today Richard and I were in Meijer, and these two boys, who had to be about eleven or twelve years old, started shouting swear words all over the place, then they yelled "wannabe dreads!" at us a few times. Richard just said that they shouldn't be swearing, and he threatened to tell their mom, haha. Of course, later, in the parking lot, we came up with a whole slew of witty come-backs. Doesn't that always happen? Heh. Anyway, it was entertaining.
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random question(s)

(this post is only marginally dread-related.)

i am moving to nyc this week--anyone in this community live in/around the city? any advice to a stranger in a strange land?
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question: i'm assuming most of you here have hobbies, be it something artsyschmartsy or technical or something that you just love doing, no matter what it is.

has getting dreads influenced all this? i mean, did your locks & their whole mentality inspire you to do certain things in a different way? i.e. painting: did you start painting dread/earthy-related themes?

or in general: did you start approaching things in a completely different way?

hrmm, this might be a tad confusing but i'd like to hear/read your answers! :)

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second post! sorry about that, i just didn't want to mix two things in one post :)

post your favourite picture of your dreads (max. 2, no more)
try to say why it's your favourite, too. deal?

this is my 'contribution':

they're nearly one here

why? i love everything about them here, length, ropeyness, i still have my first wrap in it, and they seem a bit treerooty to me which is neat :)

now it's your turn!
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Along w/ being a dread head, I'm also an avid bike rider. I just redid my dreads, and I'm finding it one hell of a time fitting my bike helment on. It's getting frustrating. I've tried wearing a bandana on my head before puttingon the helment, but it's incredibly uncomftrable still, not to mention I feel like one of those martians from Mars Attacks. Is there anyway around this besides...not having dreads?? x_x Please, enlighten me! lol

Edit: Problem solved w/ having my local bike shop owner come out and go helment hunting w/me. We found a slightly larger one that fit better.

Also, I'm now the owner of this sweet piece of bike here: :D:D:D I had a Fuji Palaside (hybrid/comfort bike) before, and traded it in for a road bike instead. I love this damn thing! thanks for the help. :)
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Another pic of me at the BBQ last weekend... I look like some hairy dread monster. The girl to my left used to have dreads but cut them off earlier in the year... she's growing it back to dread again though :D
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Image hosted by
Image hosted by

new dreadwrap and bead from the dreadshop is maastricht. the bead was only 50 cents. i absolutely love it.

i'll be in amsterdam tomorrow at uitmarkt...!
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Can I use lemon juice instead of lemon and "regular" salt instead of sea salt for a tightening solution?

I'm gonna post pictures tonight so GET READY =)
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Robby Red Locks Dreadlock

Irie everyone!

I'm just feeling my way around this place - seeing what does what blahblah - this is my trial & error stage - so forgive me for not writing anything juicy! well'p I'm here - say hello sometime - Irie kids! Robby
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i have dermatitus on my scalp. anyone ever go through that? what do you use to calm it down? i use a nuetrogena shampoo and conditioner. but im curious to hear what anyone else uses for dandruff or dermatitus. i may just decide dreads arent for me. *cries*

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Hi all

I'm Heather. I'm 23 years old, I have an almost 4 year old daughter. I have had my dreads for almost a year now, I'll post some pics sometime... they're looking pretty good - the ends are kinda loose on some.

see you around.
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