August 28th, 2005

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well, i've had my dreads for going on two weeks now and they get prettier every day. unfortunately, i am dying of the itchies!! my scalp itches so bad. i checked the memories and couldn't find anything. any suggestions???
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Washed the new dreadies

I just washed my new (six days) dreadies. I was going to wait longer, but I work around garlic and onions for ten hours a day and I was also starting to smell my own greasy head smell, so I decided to do it tonight. I've tried very hard to combat the "peole with dreads never wash" idea at work and I would hate for my attempts at enlightenment to be foiled by my own hygeine practices despite the fatc that I wash the rest of me every day. The actual cleanliness of my head is sort of beside the point. I was worried about it and it was making me uncomfortable so I did somehting about it. I feel much better now.
Wow, that was a far longer disclaimer than I meant to write. I actually didn't mean it as a disclaimer at all but it came out that way and I'm too lazy right now to rewrite it to sound better :)

Here is a pic Lish took the day after the great dreading :)

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So I dunno, anyone have any dread washing tips that they swear by? What do you all usualluy do to your locks after washing em? air dry em, blow dry em? palm roll em, back comb em? leave em be and let em do what they want? I'm not looking for suggestions so much as just curious (though if you want to give suggestions that's perfectly fine).
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