August 29th, 2005


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ok, this isn't straight out dred related, and... it's unfortunately unspecific, BUT...

dear extremely-pretty-dreadie-who's-name-i-can't-remember,

i know you live in new orleans, and, well... considering the news lately, i hope you've gotten out and are safe. i wish i could remember your username so i could perhaps check your journal, and see if you've evacuated and are doing alright.unfortunately, since my memory sucks, i'm just posting here in hopes that you might see it.

you've been in my thoughts all weekend (even if my thoughts merely consist of a picture of your pretty locks).

love& hope,

pocket full of cash., big weed stash

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is it normal for giant chunks of dreads to just sort of fall out when your playing around with them?
i keep on pulling out the tips of my dreads somehow.

and when i say giant i mean like little tuffs of hair that is tangled.
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i KILLED chicago

i am back from illinois. i did a fuckload of work on four members of this fine community. i started at 12:45pm & went hardcore until 1:45am, only stopping for about twenty minutes at dinner. i took some notes on times for my own anti-amusement - i worked for four hours on joyful__girl, more than four hours on kawaiinose, it took just over three hours to start dreads on robinhoodvandal, & maybe 30 minutes to pour hair dye on dirtyandsmiling. sore paws!

but i had a fantastic fucking time, & they all gave me the "we're importing you again next year" look when i left... well, that'll happen only if you assholes actually separate your dreads after every shower like i told you! chrissy & ellen were matted messes & i have a DREADS BLISTER to prove it. heh.

anyhow, here are pics of me with all of these jerks. i hope you're all happy now & will shut up about seeing my face.

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if you have a chance to meet any of these people, do so. even removed from the overabundance of LISH'S HANDS IN YOUR HEAD, there was a lot of crazy laughter & horrible hippie love. i'm still sticky.

(no subject) starting to worry alot.,..

My hair on the sides..above my ears is starting to really thin out

all the dreads in that area are very thin with a large base...

Does anyone know anything at all that can help thickin' hair or anything....=( so scared please help me out

I might just end up having to cut them all off cause it looks like theres hardly any dreads when i pull it back...I can tell im not balding because there is hair all over the palce with no actual! bald spots..

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Hi everybody!

I'm new. Just introducing myself. I've had my skull lock dreaded for about 2 weeks. I don't feel like posting a pic. I think they're coming out pretty good.

I like this community. It's very nice.
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I noticed a few people respond to Lish's post about doing dreads, but being in LA. I'm looking into starting a business doing "hair" so to speak and would love for dreads to be my main customers. I've done many dreads on people and am proud of my work... So if anyone in the LA area wants dreads, contact me! We can set up times and places and all that jazz. Help me start my business!
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ok, guys. my california trip is drawing near. a friend i was expecting to spend a bunch of time with is going to be completely out of town on business (which we just learned today), so i have pretty much an entire day free. whoever was asking or thinking about having me do maintenance on or start their dreads (especially now that you've seen before/afters on the chicago folks), speak up now.

comment here or email me right quick. READY? GO!

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YAY! So yesterday i got my beloved dreads finally!!!
Luckily i had 3 amazingly willing friends to help me out. Although my hair is relatively normal..few waves here and there, i have A LOT of it [italian heritage]. It took a grand total of 10 hours...4 movies later...and many many cookies later...
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Eric :3

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I've been reading about dreads for a looong time now. And I really want dreads! Problem is, no one I know knows about dreads. Some of my friends are even ignorant about it. I'm waiting to grow my hair out at least to my shoulders (it's at my chin right now), but then I'd really like to get dreads. Anyone in the Southwest Florida area willing to help a girl out? :P