August 31st, 2005

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1. my dreads are getting very matted together in the back of my head. it seems as though the roots have sort of combined as well, so pulling them apart doesn't look like much of an option (actually, i tried it and yielded mediocre results). i think i'm just going to pull it all apart and try to redo the couple of dreads that are causing me grief. would this be a good or a bad idea? i kind of hate starting from scratch again :(

2. speaking of which, a few of my dreads in the front haven't dreaded at the root yet. i know this is normal, but instead of rubbing the hair in a circle on my scalp i just took to backcombing it the way i normally would. is this a viable way of doing it, or should i just leave my hair alone?

thank you.

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i know this isn't "dread related" but... we've got dreadies down there. we've got dreadies with friends and family suffering because of this.. so...
i'm sorry and delete if innapropriate, but...

I challenge everyone reading this - if they haven't already - to donate at least $25 (more is good!) to the Red Cross to help in their disaster relief effort.

Here's the link to make a credit card contribution:

Then, cut and paste this in your journal and pass it on.


Boston People!!

So i've only gotten e-mails from 3 people!  that's only four people in total!!  but it looks like we have a consensus on the date so far, So if your interested please send me an e-mail with when you can go. Also if you haven't recieved any e-mails please leave a comment here or e-mail me at Tidd_darren @ hotmail . com.

Oh and the 3 people are: Dark_Goddess, Arielhp, and m13 (their LJ names...) and then myself. Sure four people will be fun, but the more the merrier!

So please, lets get more people in on this boston meetup!

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wow i never thought i'd i would ever see another camilee, but i have i have no idea if my house is gone or not.. i'm not sure if i have a house anymore.. I live in the next town by biloxi, ocean springs. the bridge that connects is gone.. alot of things are blurry and i'm scared shitless.. i can't go home cause they are not allowing us to leave. So i'll be atlanta, columbious, and auburn for awhile.. man it's sad. Katrina leveled the beaches in biloxi and ocean springs. My house is .8 miles from the beach so i don't know whats going on.. i'm scared.. so i won't be on live journal for a while. sorry about not having any pictures of dreads.
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kind of old picture

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my dreadies on there first trip to the ocean.. nice and still dripping with wonderful atlantic ocean.

oo and someone in here once mentioned sewing in loose hairs with a flosser for braces...well i found liek 5 packs of them in my bathroom on a whim and ive been threading in all my loose hairs for like a combined total of like 5 or 6 hours now. all my front dreads are lookin nice :) so thanks to whoever threw that idea out there! :D <3

ps. i think this sun in my eyes shot should fall into the whole, unflattering picutres theme heh.
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hiii, big there anyone who lives in CT that'd be willing to help me dread my hair? it's my first time so i don't want to mess it up! i can promise a great time, haha and whatever else you'd like. let me know thanks all.

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Okay so my manager is this really cool woman and we get along so well and i love her to death. She used to have dreads when she was travelling for 5 years around Europe, South America and Australia. So she obviously didn't object to me getting dreads and she was so happy about it she was like "COME OVER AND I CAN PLAY WITH THEM AND I CAN SHOW YOU MY OLD ONES!!!!" So last night i went over to her house and she fussed with them and showed me her old dreads. They were super tight because she was swimming in salt water a lot over her 4 years of travel. Also along her way she collected shells in her dreads and assorted beads. She gave me one of her beads and i was so happy. And if i ever cut off my dreads i will pass the bead along to my next dready friend.
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it's nothing special but the dreadhead it is from has many stories accompanying it.
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One Week: pics :)

Keep in mind I have to wear my hair back at work so the poor things are all smooshed for 10 hours a day.

from the back. lOoks like a rat's nest but there are individual dreads in there I swear!

Not even sure which way is up :)
Overexposed, but I don't feel like fixing it tonight.

For those who make fun: This is the deck and yard of my "cardboard box"

and one more for good measure...

all taken by lars_larsen

Having the loose curly ends I think makes them look a lot messier, but I really want to leave the ends for now. I may lose em later. I haven't decided.
I washed em monday so they are frizzier than they were before and I haven't really been doing a lot to them other than seperating them and palm rolling a little bit. They are tightening up well though. I coudn't get any of them apart if I tried (and I have. heh. with flea comb at hand, just to see).
Like I said, they don't look like much yet, but they are feircly knotted and I have high hopes for em :)
I made up salt ater spray but my spray bottle appears to be broken so I kinda patted it on them lol, but a good misting will have to wait for a bit.
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thanks for everyone being so caring so my house is still there it flooded.. about two feet in my house which i'm extremely lucky cause up the street were the house on the beach are there's nothing all beach front property and some going back to my house is flattin. but thanks to everyone for being supportive.