September 2nd, 2005

dread dance

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hey guys.
I feel like the community's vibe has changed a little since i last used it frequently (last time i had high speed internet). Anyhow, I like it. I think it's a change for the better.

Well, I figured I'd post some pictures. I'm extremely pregnant and a little under the weather (maybe the flu?). so i look about as shitty as i feel in these photos.
oh well, i was pretty bored.

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love love love
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Robby Red Locks Dreadlock

Reggae anyone?

does anyone want to talk about the reggae?? not this neo-gankstar-rap with off beats and patios speaking wanna-be pimps (the music industry should stop trying to fool the youths into thinking that stuff is reggae....)
does anyone want to talk about REAL REGGAE.....the positive HEARTBEAT.....conscious music......? I do!!
any comments on......
The Prophet, Peter Tosh
Max Romeo
TooTs & the Maytals
Barrington Levi
The Congas
Bunny Wailer
or even.....Bob Marley
what do these names mean to you??
what effect did they make or are making in the world??
comments, comments, comments
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steamy window anarchism

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There are lots of loose hairs and stuff, but that's just because I like them, and so I haven't been doing anything to get rid of them. Some of them are tightening up real well so far. :) I'm so happy I have them.
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Here's what I suggest we do

I think all us GUDU members should be donating to the red cross for Katrina relief. As a group of like minded people, we can definelty give a dollar, five, or whatever we can afford.

I am currently getting Ani Difranco fans on some other lj communities to donate and I asked her record company to donate or match our donations. But that's just 2 communities. I think we should do more! Please!

Give money to the Red Cross, tell others to give. We have GUDU members here that have been DIRECTLY AFFECTED by Katrina, so this isn't off topic. Please give, and comment the amount/what you've done to help so we can celebrate our accomplishments.

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Hmm... don't have any pictures right now, i just haven't been able to check GUDU for a while because
of moving back into school and i was involved in a lot of stuff... soooo
heh at any rate it's funny how i miss you all when i'm not on here like 5 times a day!

i'll get some pictures at some point...... ^_^

oh and i *think* i'm down for the boston meet up.

you ALL should come!

lock jobs!

i am back from my first week in college and i have already had many dread-full experiences! i was looking for a job in detroit and walked to this place i'd heard of, and watched as a beautiful woman in long pink dreads walked in to work. eeep!

so i applied and then ate lunch there, requested her section. she thought that was awesome, bought me a chai tea, and we chatted about our dreads and such. then she said she'd recommend me to her boss. therefore now there is a very good possibility that i may get hired there, at a busy place with tons of scrumptious vegetarian food!

i thought i'd post because it was exciting to find that you can land nice service jobs and still be a "hippie" or "freak" or whatever label seems to arise when describing you and your dreads.

btw, any detroiters out there?
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