September 6th, 2005

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so, i miss my dreadlocks. i brushed them out, it took two days, and i chopped a lot of my hair off. i regret it a little. but, something about waiting makes them seem more appealing. i want to rush and dread my hair again.. but i think letting my hair grow long and get knotted by it's self seems like a good idea. i can't hardly wait.
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So I have have a question about dread cleanliness. I've had dreads for about 3-4 months now and I was them 1-2 times a week. Still, not surprisingly, they smell funky. What do you guys do to keep your hair from smelling bad?

btw i use dreadheadhq dread soap
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Hello everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I started my dreads saturday night (backcombing) and now all my friends keep touching my head :) I also hate those freaking rubber bands so I took them all out. And I hope my dreads don't un-dread, but I can't stand the dang bands! Let's see...OH! Okay, does anyone know of any shampoo I can get NOT over the internet? And for not-so-expensive? I'm not washing my hair for this first week, but when the time comes I want to be ready, man.

No pictures because lack of digi camera/lack of scanner. So, meh. Just picture a girl with a big nose and blue eyes with light brown/blonde dreads: it's me!

How was everyone's labor day? Spiffy? hope so. Oh, and my name's Deanna...and I'm 16...and I live in Ohio...OKAY that's enough. Bye.
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hello lovlies!
this isn't exactly on topic, well, not at all.
but i'm possibly going to DC september 24-26 for the march on washington, it could end up being just a few of those days, or none at all, or all of them.
but i figured i would plan ahead, anyways, to the point,

i may need a place to stay near DC, with some sort of cheap transportation.

please let me know if you can provide this!!

and please deleted if this annoys anyone.


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Shelter from the storm.

I live in Tallahassee (Florida) for school and since we are only 4 hours from New Orleans, we've had tons of refugees come here until their homes are rebuilt. I've been volunteering for the Red Cross, and 3 days ago we had a rasta family from Haiti come in. They were visiting a relative of theirs in New Orleans when the storm hit and they were forced to evacuate on a Greyhound bus. They barely spoke any English but luckily I know enough French to communicate with them. The mom and dad had these long beautiful waist-length dreads, and they had three dreadie kids (aren't kids with dreads the cutest?!) who were 12, 9, and 7. All the kids had dreads as well. Anyways, as expected everyone who is in the shelter here is just miserable. Today the rasta dad asked me to translate something to the rest of the people in the shelter and he said "Stop crying, you are still alive. You don't know where you're going but at least you aren't going in a coffin. Be thankful you are here. You all say you have nothing, but you have your life. How could you say that is nothing? It is the most important thing of all." And I know it sounds mean written out like that, but the way he said it was really... sympathetic almost. And when everyone heard what he said they came and hugged him and started touching his hair like it had some kind of magical power. He totally turned the mood of the shelter around entirely, much to the relief of it's inhabitants and volunteers. Just thought I'd share, cause it made me cry :)

On another note my dreads are looking pretty nice these days, I will post pictures when things with the refugees and the Red Cross aren't such a mess...
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Shrinking going on

so ya my hair is shrinking once again. It is weird but hey dreads are magical right?
I looked like hell in this photo so i did what other GUDU members do with the secret crazy scribbly lines thing that makes everything better!

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wondering facts: does it make you a freaky/odd person if you ask someone if you could sew one of their cut off locks into yours?

it doesn't seem common among the dreadheads in my area, and lately some people have even pointed out to me that it's sorta creepy to do such a thing..

any opinions?
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My babies are almost 2.. months haha

Well, I recently decided to be a jerk and drop my digital camera on a tiled floor and put it out of comission until my student loan comes in, so I decided I'd post some pics I took last week. My dreads will be 2 months this weekend, and I've been very pleased with them. My dandruff is completely gone (yay!) and I've really been paying attention to ripping them apart since my hair likes to curl and grow together. I've brushed off on my best friend, he wants me to dread his hair once it's a bit longer too.

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