September 7th, 2005


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i win at life.

because this weekend, barring any natural disasters or busdriver strikes...

i will be meeting radio_numb.

HAHA take that, you people who got to meet lish. hilly is coming to visit meeeee!
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so, today i got my first ever derogatory comment about my dreads having to do with race. while i was walking back to work on my lunch break a tall black man walked next to me and said, "wow, a white person with dreads, when did white people start having dreads, i've never seen a white person with dreads before. what made you get dreads?" at this point i thought he was being nice so i just replied that i've always thought they were beautiful. then he stared directly at me and said, "oh, but do you like them on niggers?" and he emphasized the last word. i told him i loved them on all types of people. he just continued asking me the question as i walked away. i know i shouldn't, but i let it get to me, going back over it in my head throughout the rest of the day. guess i just needed to vent to someone who might understand.
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I bought some LocPeppa from last night.

Anyone have any experience with it on their dreads? This is the first time I've bought from Dreadhead, as I have always supported Knotty Boy.

Leave me some feed back, please!

If you'd like to purchase some yourself, check out the products page of
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Okay, so I'm thinking about getting dreads.
Gotta wait until I've graduated from high school, of course, but that's only nine months away.

Now, things I suppose you need to know:

1) I wash my hair EVERY NIGHT. Are you not allowed to do this if you have dreads?
2) I never EVER use product; I comb it and then I let it air-dry. Or I towel-dry it. It's not expected that I use much more product than just shampoo, right? And for the record, I condition maybe half the time I shampoo, and my hair's in absolutely virgin shape. I've never dyed it or bleached it, and I don't have dandruff or anything.
3) My hair is kind of funny.
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Like, it's an okay texture and stuff, right?
It's not fine--I have pretty thick hair, all things considering.

Thing is, I only want three dreads.
I don't HAVE to do my whole head, right? 'cuz that would be insane. I really only want them on like, the side of my head, kind of towards the back.

Sound like fun?

And should I trust the brother of a friend? Or should I see if my hairdresser has some sort of crazy connections? I'm almost worried he'd be terrified if I told him I wanted dreads, haha.


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my dreads are now 9 days old and i adore them.
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I also wanted some advice. I am doing my NLS [lifeguarding course for those of you who don't know] starting on the 21st. At that point my dreads will be almost a month old and so what i wanted to know is if anyone had any chlorinated experiences at the one month mark. I expect it will help them more than anything given that chlorine majorly dries out your hair.
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hey questions alll...i just dreaded my hair two days ago!! yayyyy haha ok now that thats done, here's my question..there have been many comments about rubber bands and what not, but i was looking for a more definate answer. i have rubber bands on my roots, is it alright to leave them there for a week or so? i just don't know how they will stay seperated since i have to wear my hair up for work everyday and i didn't want a huge dread clump. if not, i'll take them off, i just wanted some advice..i don't have pics yet but i'm taking some tonight so i'll post later. thanks all! <3