September 9th, 2005


Loose hairs

Am I the only one that gets annoyed by loose hairs?
I mean, generally, I love these locks. I just love them.
Never thought I'd say that about frizz and knots but they are love.
However, sometimes (usually while pmsing and feeling pretty gross) i get SO TIRED of loose hairs.
I can't find anyone to help me tuck and sew them in. I have the floss threaders and everything.
I't like impossible for me to do because i cant get the ones in the back and for three month, my hair is pretty thickly knotted. (YAY!)
i guess i have to pray for Lish to return to MA...
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I just had a meeting with the HR lady and my boss. They said my appearance is not good. They said my hair is not professional and that I should not be wearing what I wear. During the week I wear Chords and polo shirts and/or button-up shirts. On Friday I wear jeans and a t-shirt, like we can...

So basically I have to get rid of my dreads. Which I do NOT want to do. I am not going to change myself and looks for them. I have to either, cut my hair shortly or shock my hair in dreads forever this weekend. Fuck... I even asked my manager at the time about getting dreads and he said it was okay. Then the HR lady said that he had told her he wasn't comfortable with it - which he NEVER said to me. Then when I told her that, she acted like I was lying.

So this weekend, I have to change what I am wearing. What I look like, I didn't think I was badly dressed. We can't wear scarves in our hair, which I didn't know...

What should I do? I am going to start applying for new jobs...

They said people complain about my looks and don't look professional, which really helps my self-esteem. Jeez, the HR lady was like, "You're not a rosta..."
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Another thing about my ordeal with my work and dreads:

My HR Manager said she loves the nataive america culture, but if she were to wear fringed leather jackets, etc people would wonder what she was doing... (???)

AND she said that my old manager, Rob who quit right before I got my dreads, came to her office saying he was uncomfortable with my dreads, but I got them after he quit. Isn't that odd that she said that?

I think I might quit... I have 28 hours here, 15 credits at school, an internship plus maybe another and my almost four year old... I got tons of financial aid money and the internship is paid.

So how can I got about this... ? Any suggestions in regards to legal actions?

Also, she said we aren't allowed to wear scarves in our hair... the only thing it says about your hair in the employee book is "Hairstyles are expected to be in good taste."
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A good day...

I work on campus at a medium-sized university, so during the course of my day I see many, many different people with dreads. Yesterday I must have counted dozens of people with fantastic 'locks - one guy with waistlength fatties, another guy on a bike with gorgeous perfect skinny dreads - and I was starting to feel a bit downhearted about my own (7-week-old poor pathetic things that they are, currently having an attack of random loose hairs and blobby bits coming out the sides!)

But then a (non-dreaded) student came into my office, and on the way out, shyly said "I like your hair" - ! It really made my day :)
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