September 11th, 2005

i'm new.

ok so i've always thought dreads were awsome. but i've never had to guts to actually get them plus i'm scared they'd look horrible on me. i know really nothing about them.
so mainly i'm just asking for any imformation i could get on how to start them. and anything else important you guys could tell me.

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scratch nose

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We went camping for one night two nights ago. Our friends Jamie and Mette have been up there all week and we joined them for a night. Ill share these two now but more later. Lish- you happy? More Mette photos on the way!

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My hair is extremely overdyed which is becoming unbearabley lame. My real hair is soaked in red and brown dyes while my extensions are blonde and have trouble taking on dye. I think I want to bleach it. Anyone in Wisconsin or anyone with any advice on how to bleach since I'm completely cluesless, please help me with this ( Image hosted by )mess of hair. Thanks!

New, wondering.

I'm Laurah, I just turned fourteen. I've wanted dreads for a while and finally got permission, but now I'm afraid I'll miss my hair (curly, awesomeful)... it's sort of my identifying trait. I've got one little dread-type thing that comes out from behind my ear, it started forming naturally last summer and I helped it along, so I know my hair dreads well. I'm just not sure...

There's me, I hate my face in it, but it's a good shot of the hair. It was pink a few months before that, that's why the color is odd.
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Dunno if anyone's posted this before, but here we go.

You know those Glad Handi-Wrap things? The elasticised plastic covers you can put on ANYTHING? ( if you're lost)

Well, they make a supah dupah dread shower cap. And they come in all sizes. I've been using one for the last 6 or 7 months, and they rock hardcore.

I kept meaning to post this for the longest time but kept forgetting! And we all know how hard it can be to find a shower cap that fits our irregularly shaped dreaded heads.

So, spread the love! Get Glad and wear it on your head in the shower.

Have a good week, everyone :D
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two month.

Today is my dreads' two month. Here are some pictures that I just took. I don't think they're looking all that great today, but usually I'm fairly happy with them, for two month olds at least. I just washed them and my hair gets way too soft after I wash, so thats probably why I didn't like them today. I've got a lot of loose hairs and the back seems kind of messed up because I'm itchy. :/

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Also, yes... those are rubberbands on a couple of them... and, no... they're not overly tight. They're going to be removed soon, but a couple just seemed like they needed help staying together for a little while. I roll them a little farther or closer to the root everyday just so I'm sure that the hairs are getting a chance to move around and dread.

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Jobs.... jobs jobs jobs... So I'm 16 and looking to get a job to pay for a car that I will need to get to college next year. I really don't want to wash dishes (that's my only hope), but I'm open for anything else really. Are there any specific chains of stores or anything that are notoriuously open to people with dreads? Perhaps there's just some general advice I can have while going job hunting? Maybe it's easier to get a job in New York State when I turn 17? (about a week from now) help!
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im seth
ive had my dreads for about three weeks and theyre pretty cool looking.
my sister gave them to me, she used the rip-twist technique, and as of the late ive been backcombing the tips.
id post a picture but not only is my camera not hooked up but i dont really have a picture yet (except for one weird one where i was acting like the shiva)
im going to make some beads for my hair.
so far i have a really itchy scalp, loose hairs, and the every-so-often foreign object sqwating in my dreads; but thats the fun part about it.
peace and love to you world
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omg omg omg

ok... so.... i've sorta half-assedly done this in the past, never with any noticable results...

but today I washed my hair (weekly), and after washing it with dreadheadhq's dreadsoap (been using it for almost 9 months... i looooooove it)
I palmrolled them while still in the shower, so they were SOAKING wet while I was rolling them.
I really squeezed hard while rolling them, especially in *lumpy* spots.....

and ok, so usually when i get out of the shower my dreads are a little smaller, but poof up after a while when they dry.

they didn't this time! they're SO much harder, and the lumpy spots that I rolled turned into straight dreads and stayed that way.

I heard someone mention it once a long time ago and thought to myself "hmm.. well i've tried that and it didn't really do anything"

but it worked today, I think because i rolled really hard and spent like a minute or two straight rolling each dread.

i'm seriously in awe about hoy much some of my dreads have changed.

it's kinda coooooool....

well, have fun if you want to try it, if you don't, don't!


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