September 12th, 2005

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i started dreading my bf's hair last night! oh man it's going to be so sweet! i only got about 6 done because it was late and we were tired, but we're going to do more tonight, i'm SOOOOOOOOO excited.
will post pics as soon as we're done... i do have some "before" and "during" pics already, but i want to post them all at once :D

you are all beautiful.
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so last night for many hours and lots of pain later, i finally got my dreads..
My question is:
Is there anyway to get them to look less frizzy and more nicer?
They look like crap right now and i regret getting them done and im looking for advice on how to fix them up. i'll have pics soon..
but please beggin..
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I did the pulling my dreads up in a bun and covered it with a scarf, not over my head just tied it over my bun and my manager came up to me and said it was okay. I also cut some of the really bad lose ends I couldn't fix. I have been wanting to do that for a while anyway. You can't really tell I have dreads.

I am also dressed nicely. It's kind of amazes me that someone walking around in a sweatshirt doesn't talked to - I did, someone is wearing Vans shoes on a weekday and this one girl is wearing a tank top and pants - all are extremely tight.

Whatever, at least I have income for now, I am still looking for another job though. I need a change and this place bothers the fuck out of me. Oh well...
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anyone here cut off their dreads, ever, ? id really liek to see some pictures of people who used to have ddreads and then removed them or cut them and what styles they did with their hair, i have been thinking for the past month about no longer having my locks, i am evolving in many ways andi feel my hair is holding me back from certain thingd( not that i dont love them) but i do believe it is time for them to go, i am super nervous about making the decision ( even though i only have half a head of locks left) about taking out the 2 years of the locking process, i am scared of regret, and of change, but its going to be a huge step in my life of discovery

so anyoen who had dreads that cut them ( even if you re dreaded- later in life) and could post some pics, or would like to share about your shedding it would be comforting and awesome

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I feel like somewhat of a lurker bc I've been a member of this comm for awhile now but have never really posted any pics...So I figured I'd give you a pic of my dreadies from about a month ago...I had had them for about 3 weeks in the pic...Unfortunetly I had to take them out for several reasons BUT I kept one, and my hair grew a little, and I dyed it...and I'm ready to try it again SOON. My roommate right now had fabulous multicolored dreads for years (sadly their now defunct) and he's going to help me with them this time...more pics soon!


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I usually wouldn't post so often, but I'd like to ask all of you: Who/what inspired you to dread?

I'll answer my own question even though my hair's very much normal:

-This random person who lives somewhere near me. She's got semi-bleached, shoulder-length, thin but irregular dreads and I've never actually talked to her or seen her face, but it seems like I always see her in her car. I've only seen her sillohuette and the back of her hair (it was in a ponytail) dimly lit, but she's got the most gorgeous dreads ever.
-Ani DiFranco.

just thought i'd share

EDIT: i added some pics

I have to tell you guys because im so happy about this :) I'm currently a fist year practial nursing student at college and
I asked my teachers about dress code for work (we're starting in hospitals after xmas) and they said i can keep the dreads as long as i remove hte beads and pull them back into a bun, oe just away from my face. IM SO HAPPY! i was sure i'd have to strat brushing my hair out, but i dont :) weeee!

i can keep my dreadies (haha to everyone ... mom ... who said i wouldn't be able to)

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