September 13th, 2005



my friends Han and Ashley have just finished their first week of hair school and while there they asked the teacher if they will learn to do dreads. the teacher looked at them in disgust and said no way dreadlocks are for really dirty people. its just dirty messy hair matted together in filth. I heard that after a bad weekend of working and not having a weekend I proceeded to say well if that bitch wants dirty matted hair tell her to take her pants off we all had a good laugh.I think I may go visit them at school tomorrow to make the teacher throw up. grrr...stupid they make me giggle.
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i just signed on to write for a semesterly magazine at my school--UGAzine. And they want me to write a first person article about my experience with my dreads and people's reactions.

gosh im scared. O_o
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i have pretty much come to the conclusion that i'm gonna start doing my own little dread biz side project. (hello SoCal Dreadies!)

so far, i've put dreads in marti's hair (_liftedtothesky), and done maintenance on sarah's (ieathighlighter).

...i think i'm good at it, and it's super fun. i've already set up a gmail account to use (blondiedread at gmail - hell yeh), and i'm in the process of designing business cards. (so many times people have stopped me on the street to ask where i had mine "done" or "could i fix theirs?" even when my parents where here, a guy and his gf stopped me in the mail to discuss dread upkeep.)

i'm gonna make up flyers and post them in tattoo parlors, head/smoke shops, and alternative hair salons (if they don't mind? i'm sure they get phone calls and dont know what to do with them - i'll give them a percentage for anyone the refer?), as well as getting the word out here on lj, and on dread sites like knottyboy and dreadhq.

it's an idea. i think, maybe, a good one.
and i have to "decide on an hourly rate, and stick with it"
(so far, i haven't exactly charged. i told marti she could just buy me n' kevin dinner, and sarah made me a fantastic green n' brighter green headband :))

i was thinking on charging differently, depending on the service. putting dreads in is FAR more taxing than maintenence, so.. maybe $17/hr for "installation" (hahah) and $14/hr for upkeep? (both based on "average" lenth hair - excessively long/short hair prices would vary accordingly, of course)
i know places like hair police charge about $300-$400 to put in a dread perm, and that's ridiculous. i dont know their maintenance charges.
i just picked these numbers randomly.. because they sounded good.

anyhoooooooo, i mentioned that i did upkeep on ieathighlighter. that was this sunday, aand, of course, i have pictures. :)

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I think I've found mold in my dreads.

If indeed I do have mold, is my only course of action to cut them off? I don't want to cut them, but I do realize they're just hair, and so I wouldn't exactly cry about it either. That said, I'd prefer to keep them.

So, what's the deal?
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so i lost a couple dreads last night at the bar....

actually a friend paid me 5 bucks for two dreads so i let him take em... It might lead to me eventually cutting them all off... but if i canmake a profit from it, why not! Fund raising for me! But I will grow them back for sure... only fatter next time!
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I experienced my first car accident on Sunday (on my birthday haha) as a lovely gentleman decided to run a red light and crash into me. Luckily only 2 of the 5 of us in my car were hurt, and it's just minor tissue damage. But one problem that's come to mind is that at least at the momment I can't really do much in the way of keeping up with my usual maintenance of ripping dreads apart from each other's roots and palm rolling because my shoulders/neck/back/arm hurt too much to elevate for long enough to accomplish anything. I'll be doing massage therapy and physio for the next 3 weeks, so hopefully I'll be in the clear soon enough - but I'm just wondering if you guys think my dreads will be okay without any maintenance for that long of time? I've only had them for 2 months now, and I've got a bunch at the back of my head that keep undreading at the ends... Should I maybe try to explain/show one of my friends how to palm roll for the time being and get them to keep my hair on track?

umm.. hello..

i'm a super newbie, as are my dreads (5 days old).
Collapse ) is a picture of them the day after..
i guess i just wanted to say hello. so, hello.
any tips/tricks (that wouldn't be found in the memories) would be much appreciated.
and i'm spent
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MissLuLuZZZ: my roots just need to be fixed and i don't know what to do!!
heykidsitslauren: me too!
heykidsitslauren: my friend told me to just knot them through each other
heykidsitslauren: you know
heykidsitslauren: but ive heard thats bad
heykidsitslauren: so im going to get the consensus of gudu on livejournal

so yeah, let's have a really comprehensive thread on here about the pros and cons of knotting your dreads through each other to make the roots tighter, shall we?
1 2 3 go!

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So first off, I hear that some kind of Dr Bonners stuff is good for dandruff? Can someone tell me exactly what this is called and does it really work?

second, I need to have less loose hairs. I really really don't want to use wax. I think that there is still some wax in my hair fromlike 2-3 months ago when i first dreaded my hair. I hear of a lemon juice thing? maybe lime juice? I have no clue, inform me!
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