September 15th, 2005

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when i had dreads i knew i was more attractive, i knew they got me more attention, i knew i felt the most beautiful with them.

now, now what

i got rid of them because they became a security blanket, where i believed i was never attractive until i had them and now that i dont i still feel the same way.

i feel completely horrible for those insecure feelings. dreads didnt make me beautiful, i still am, but there was and still always will be something that made me feel radient when i had them.

and every time i see someone with dreadlocks every bit of me wishes i had them again.
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I am a n00b, my names kT I'm 18 from Suburban-nothingness, New Jersey. I 've had dreads on and off for about 3 years but I could never keep them due to job circumstances. You know, all that facist shit...Annnnnyway, I'm ready to lock up again, but I think my hair is still to short : ( opinions? I usually get nifty designs on the shaved part of my head, I just dont feel right if im all hair and no scalp O_O
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alright, i am currently dread-less again.. but i'm getting those damn dreams again. dreams that i have dreads. the dreads were small, and i'm not fond of small dreads, but still.. dreads. it seems like all i think about is dreads. i love dreads. dreads, dreads, dreads. and i hate myself for brushing them out and cutting my hair all off. now i have to let my hair grow out and i'm letting these locks form natually. i'll be back here in 125 years when i have dreads again. -.-

GUDU dream...

OK so I had the most random dream last night and it definitely featured random members of GUDU. Now no offense to the people here but i was a bit surprised to have dreamed about you guys because i dont think about you guys like all the time! but you rock for sure! anyways

Well, there was a huge meet up of many GUDU members at somebody's house like out in the country side in Philadelphia I believe. It was like a big country house with a farm and what not on it. It was snowing outside and I was late to the meetup! I showed up with some friends I remember going into the house and seeing dreadlocks all over the place and all of the members who are pretty regular on posting/commenting/photo whoring and who have been around for a while were all there. Well, everyone was so damn friendly! And welcoming and this is random but the most memorable person there was Lish(not so random actually!) well lish came up to me and had some sassy sarcastic remark to say about me being late and then she gave me a big hug. So at some point all of us went outside and started walking around and playing in the snow and going somewhere. Well, I ended up riding on someone's back and we fell behind the group and I am not going to say who but the end of the dream kind of becomes X rated around this point!!!!
wow yay to weird dreams with you guys in it... especially the person who gave me a piggy back ride!!

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Question about wax: I've had my locks for over 2 years. How many of you with mature dreads still find the use for dread wax? I'm marooned in San Francisco until I can get back home to New Orleans due to the hurricane, and don't have my shampoo or wax with me, so I was going to order Knotty Boys Maintenance kit for mature dreads. I was wondering if I should bother with the wax. I've some at home and I rarely use it.

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i just joined, as of 3 minutes ago.

i had a one-year anniversary for my dreads in july, so now they're about 14 months old.

they kinda frame my face and are all bumpy and mos def don't look as rad as everyone else's here, but i like them anyways.

i would post a picture, but i'm livejournal-challenged and have NO IDEA how. is it really that hard? help, please?

oh yeah my name's lorraine, i'm 17, and i live in richmond, virginia. anyone nearby?