September 19th, 2005

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heyllo all my lovely comrades...
just wondering if there was anybody in the D.C. area that is planning on going to the National March on Washington to End the War on Iraq!?!? Its Saturday September 24...around 11 at the washington monument. rallying, marching and all that good stuff. you should definatley show up if at all possible. come as the dirty hippies i know you all are!

pictures cause im feeling happy. I also feel it is time to make the transition from summer mode to fall mode.
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heyyy! So I went to Farm Aid yesterday and saw so many wonderful dreads, and I was just wondering if any of you were maybe there. It was a very good concert. One of the best one day festivals I have had the chance to go to. Anyway, if any of you live in the chicago area, i suggest you go next year, amazing artists and amazing people. Bye bye.
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in my building there is(was) a guy with the most amazing dreads i've ever seen. they were beautiful. i ran into him and we talked about them, and he was really cool... but his dreads were just amazing. long, ropey, light blond, so frizz or loose hairs. almost three years old.

and today he walked into dinner with a shaved head.

and honestly, i've never felt the loss of someone else's dreads affect me so much! in my head i just went, "...NOOOOO!" i hardly even knew him, but somehow i managed to become emotionally attached to HIS dreads! it's kind of weird.

so anyway, Hunter, if you happen to be here and see this... man. i can't believe it.

(or if anyone else here knows him. he goes to school at baylor, in texas. and he's from chicago.)

Just wondering...

Whenever I palm roll my dreads or work on the roots (which I do by taking the root in between two fingers and rubbing it in circles against my head), the next day my scalp is SUPER soar. I mean, it's so soar that I can't touch it or lay down on it. Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I just a big weenie with an ultra-sensitive scalp? I rarely work on my dreads because of this...

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hello everybody. :)

sorry for the text-only post, buuut..

i am currently dreadless. Soon.. soon, hence the post. i am near cincinnati and i'm definitely going to need some help. i could enlist my girlfriends (and will!), but anyone with any previous dreading experience would be a great help.. so if there's anyone in the area (i'm actually in nky) willing to help me out, i know the basics, i've been doing my research and watching the community for about a year..

i'm definitely willing to make a monetary agreement. i don't actually want to start dreading until october, first i would like to get back to my dirty, dishwater-blonde colour before taking the plunge. i have black hair now (with roots).

ultimately, this change is going to coencide with my journey to mexico.. i'm moving there in january for at least 6 months if not more, so with a new life i want to start with new hair.. which we all know is really a philosophy anyway! i'm so excited.. i can't wait!

from watching this community for as long as i have, i have to say i love it and i really look foward to my first dreaded picture post. (hee)