September 20th, 2005

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Timeline! ALAN!

Okay so my 'tails are a year old on the 21st (thats tomorrow) and im moving out tomorrow too!! back to Bristol + refuse to go near a PC on a regular basis.
This is a sort of time line but without much order =/ from the day after i got them untill abut a month ago.
I love them + this community for filling my LJ with eye candy everyday along with info!
You all have amazing 'locks and really are some of the friendlyest people. generally.

Essentially. im showing them off :D im so proud of them.. i really am. anyway. be good :)

This post is deciated to Alan!

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Bandanna love <3
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Hey guys, sorry if you have heard this question a million times before. I really want to get dreads, but when I asked the one guy I know who has dreads about whether or not they would work with my hair he said "no, your hair's too thin and oily."

So now I don't know if I should do it or not. I know when I first get them they'll be poofy and all, I don't mind that. The thing is that I have very weird hair; it's very thin (but there's a lot of it), it's extremely oily, long, and straight.

Really bad picture:
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So my question is... if I get dreads would it be disastrous? If not is there anything in particular I should do, like get them professionally done or something? Or should I just have some friends over, spray the dreads with salt water and hope for the best?

Edit: Thanks for all the advice guys! Much appreciated. :)
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Take the damn rubber bands OUT!

St o lishd suggested I take the rubber band things out off my dreads (the ones at hte roots) and so I just spent roughly 45 minutes doing so. AMAZING. My head feels soooo much better ,it's day 4 now, and they look amazing now. They are starting to lay flat, just 10 mins after hte last band was out and I palm rolled them all.

If you've got rubber bands at hte roots, give your dreads some love and snip those bastards out!

Pictures of day four rubber-band-lessness behind cut :)

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So, my school's homecoming dance is this weekend. I was suckered into going and would like to do something interesting with my hair. It's a little above my shoulders, any ideas?

Also, I dyed it last week. So, of course, photos galore.
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And, edit with more pictures because those ones definitely didn't show my dreads...
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Update on my little sisters dreads. (she's periwinklemonke

They're three and a half weeks old now- she spent the night the other night and I went through and sewed the tips like Lish did with mine- though Leanna's baby dreads are so much more fragile than my year and a half old dreads so I put some temporary rubber bands on the tips. Dont worry, Dont worry, Ill take them out next time I see her- just wanted her hair to be used to being folded in on itself like that- we'll see how it works when I take them out in a few days.
Other than that they seem to be doing fine. A few at the base had come mostly out so I re-dreaded them (I had the same problem with my hair) and it seems the only time they get a good palm rolling is when she see's me (I also wash her hair for her and spray it with salt water. I swear- Im like her hair maid.)
Anyway, here's some pictures- like I said they're just under a month old.

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