September 21st, 2005

in love


so after much deliberation and reading gudu, matt decided that he wanted some wax in his dreads... so i spent a few hours waxing them... just a little bit on each, mind you, just enough to help keep the little loose hairs from sticking up too much. i don't think we'll use wax much.
so... 5 day old dreads:
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questions questions

my hair is about 6-6.5 inches long almost everywhere(my bangs are shorter). i was going to get dreads, but didn't know how long they would be. does anyone have similar hair(guys too, my hair is medium fine) and can tell me or show me. . . . i don't want to look like raggedy andy!!!
thank you in advance

no 'poo method?

i know a lot of you use 'dread shampoo' or regular shampoo when you shower, i was just wondering if anyone uses the "no 'poo" method?

as i mentioned in my last post i don't have dreads yet, but i am starting the no 'poo method and will most likely have dreads within the next month.. i'm sure it works just as well as using shampoo, there are a ton of positive reviews, but i wondered if it affects the tightness of the dreads? any experiences?

edit: i posted this in the naturalliving community too, and realized the baking soda involved in the method would probably get built up in dreads, plus when you start the process the scalp usually gets more greasy for the first few weeks.. so probably not a good method for dreads, but good for regular hair.

loose hairs

So I have a question about taming frizzies. I am constantly sewing in the loose hairs with a needle but they just seem to come right out within a week. I tried using the knottyboy gel on them right after but now that my locks are formed I really don't like how crunchy that stuff makes my hair. What does everyone else do to keep the hairs in?

And so this post isn't just text (which I know we all hate), here is an unflattering shot of me from my camera phone...

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