September 22nd, 2005

It works =D

So I boiled my dreadies sunday *nods*
and my scalp, three times ^^
But they look better! feel better!
Thicker, better, more mature.
But still I worry cos my hair is silkysoft and the ends are untangling emselves..
I even have nightmares where I have no dreadies *nods*
I am a silly person ^^
But I do my ends up every now and then ^^

Dancing today..
Takes 15 minutes to get the dreadies stuck somewhere so they wont come flopping during the one and a half hour they need to be gone =)

I really like this community, so friendly ^^
And you'r dreadies lookies peerfect <3

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hey u bunch of dreaded freaks! havent posted in ages, thought id keep u up to date with my head.
Here are my dreads hugging a dead rams head on a stke in Laugervatn, Iceland. Yes.
Image hosted by
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Now im not sure how many of you are familiar with Iceland, but basically they have huge pouring hotsprings that form naturally heated pools, full of sulphur and salt. I was reluctant to let my dreads loose at first cus of the worrying amount of hair dye in them, but i went for it and oh my god, they came out rock solid, tightened them up something special. This was after a good 7hr soaking. Honestly if youve got a couple oh hundred pounds, fly to Iceland and go to the blue lagoon.
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WOO! helllo0o0o beautiful people

Since i last updated i dyed my hair pink on the underneath..i like it..i might keep it like that for along time...Im also interested in geting hand woven yarn to extend my bangs..maybe like bright pink..or just regular dreads extentions..anyone sell or know of any sites (cheap stuff :D )

ok well here u go
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Checked memories but didn't see anything about this...

Perhaps this is a stupid question but I have been thinking about it a lot lately:

Is it bad to get really sweaty and let the sweat dry on my scalp almost every day? I work out every day and play volleyball 5 days a week. Most days I get SUPER sweaty and my head is dripping afterwards. I used to be able to go in the ocean every day, or every other day, but now that it's fall the water is too cold. I wash my dreads maybe once a month at the most. I'm not worried about the smell, my head doesn't smell (and if it does then my room mate is a liar), but is it unhealthy for my scalp for the sweat to just sit there for long periods of time? Maybe I'm just paranoid...

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and the rain begins..

I found a link to this community in madradhair and I am so, so sorry about the shitty webcam pics, my boyfriend has my digital camera at the moment...I went through the memories and found the entry about starting dreads with short hair...but I wanted to post some pictures to see what you lovely kids thought. It's short. I lack patience biiiig time. :) His is probably the same length as mine right now with a little bit more in the back I think...I saw wax at hot topic today...if we use that + rubber bands, will it work????? ::crosses fingers::
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Thank yoooou!
P.S. lj friends always, ALWAYS welcome.

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hear no

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cherryflower is this you?

and why was there no update to accompany this? :P

looks gorgeous, sweetie. i'm intrigued by this shop of rovingy goodness, though. where is it?

PS would have responded on the board, but the damn thing has NEVER let me register. *sigh*