September 23rd, 2005

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Update on purpleness

So a few weeks ago you saw me and my dreads on a northern California beach. Beautiful beach, half purple dreads. Since then I've moved back in at Mount Holyoke and re-dyed my entire head purple. And I've also fixed my tips up a bit (because theres nothing else to do in class).
So, the color isn't great in these shots, but that's just my old-school camera.
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for poor people like me!

I found awesome products at my favorite hippie grocery store in town!

This hemp soap has almost indentical ingredients as the DreadheadHQ soap/shampoo and it was like 3 bucks! I used it and it rocked. It or soap similar to it is probably available any any organic store in your town:

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This wax works GREAT (if you're a wax user) if you use it conservatively!:

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Last night my sweet 4 year old daughter told me that she wants dreads. I didn't want to do her whole head because it is possible that she'll change her mind very soon, but anyways, I made her one good dread on the left side of her head andput a bead like I have on mine, in hers. It looks adorable, but unfortunatly this same precious little girl broke my digital camera a month or so ago. So you will have to wait on pictures. Later on today there may be a cell phone, capable of taking pictures here and my friend from Kansas is sending me a digital camera which I should receive within the next week.

So this isn't text only here are some random pictures.
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This is my four year old, Dara, the girl with the dread. :D
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art terrorist? I'm looking for an art terrorist. beuler...?

someone who is also in this community added me the other day. I didn't add them back because I'm stupid and thought my "comment to be added" post was public but it's not, because I'm a moron sometimes. Sooooo if you read this, art terrorist something or other (I'd just look up your name but I can't seem to remember it properly), comment or add me again or something, and forgive my idiotic tendencies, please.

i know this is mostly off topic, save for the fact that she is also in the comm so here's a picture of my half dreaded hair plus one of my favorite, and oldest (4 months) dread.

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anyone in the NC/VA area willing to help split(etc) ticket fare
you know..
to bring the great & godly lishd up and about from FL
to attack some hair?

anyone interested comment here or email me at
or i guess if need be, email/comment lishd
thanks bunches!
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don't i paint an irresistible picture?

regarding this post:

for anyone interested, there is also talk of carpooling from VA/NC (or, presumably, anywhere along the way) down to my place in south florida instead of importing me up to VA. imagine having your dreads started or fixed while we're sitting on the florida beach at 6 or 7pm, talking & laughing, radio playing, watching my friend chris surf or getting a lesson from him, dreaded people able to go dunk their hair in the ocean whenever they like... sounds pretty sweet to me.

the water temperature here stays around 70 degrees into december. i'm a mile from the ocean.

who wants to come play?
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Hi everyone.. I searched the memories, but I didn't exactly find what I was looking for.

I'm a total newb to this, so sorry if its annoying!

I'm thinking of getting dreads, but I'm not too sure where to start. My hair is kinda short, and layered...

I have a job (pharmacy), so... getting them ASAP would be kinda nice, so I wouldn't look like a trainwreck while working.

Basically, any tips you have would be appreciated.

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Hey guys! ablater here, new account, friends only :) no new pictures sorry! but i just looked at the layout today to join and i love it! i've seen it before, i just usually read gudu posts in my friends.
oo and today, my english teacher asked about my hair. (she's old) and she was like are those dreadlocks you have? and i'm like yes :) and she's like they're so interesting and fun! they really suit you. it totally made my day :)

p.s. sorry for the text post, i don't have my camera with me right now :(
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