September 24th, 2005

a goodbye

2 years with my babies and now they're gone. gone forever! :( i miss them but it's nice to have short hair now too. i keep forgetting that i don't still have dreads. when i had them if i passed another dreadhead on the street we would acknowedgingly smile at each other, i find myself still doing that except now i'm dreadless so i just look like a creep. haha
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le sigh, i still can't believe they're really gone. it's been two weeks since i chopped them off, i saved one piece of a dread for memories, kind of gross but whatever.

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Okay, I finally got my dreads a lovely dark shade of blue...

and everything else. Stupid Manic Panic.

I used pet. jelly around my hairline, still blue skin.

My NECK IS BLUE because while I was rinising this stuff out, it stained my back blue too.

My tub, my hands, my chest. My neck pisses me off the most because it makes it look just dirty.

Dishsoap, alcohol, Tilex on my neck even won't get it off. The only reason I need it off now is cuz of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugg, why me? Lish? Anyone have ideas?
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(no subject)

hi, i'm amy.
just curious, does anyone else
not have their entire head in dreads?
i only have a few in myself
and i'm looking for maintenence/washing tips.
thank you!


hi so um
my name is claire and i think dreads are beautiful and would love to have some of my own.

thing is
as far as i know, the only way to get rid of them is shave or grow them out,
so i'd like to perhaps get temporary ones first?

huuuge apologies if this is a nuisance, me not knowing very much about dreads and such.
i figured i'd ask you guys, because you seem like the experts.
my hair's sort of long. and i dont brush or condition it.

any tips would be appreciated ohhh so much.


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calling you guys out again

iheartrem, how are the extensions working out? are they tightening up yet? photos!

robinhoodvandal & kattlady, post updates on the locks i made!

speaking of locks i worked on, kawaiinose & joyful__girl, still keeping those babies separate? let's see 'em.

girl using goldwell hair dyes whose nick i don't remember, you didn't post red pics since getting the "blue" out. post!

arielhp, seriously, it's time to post again.

polkydot, you've been commenting a lot lately, but haven't seen images from you in ages. i call you out!

& i'd call out insidedown, but she's got school as a valid excuse. but... if you're reading this, carrie, you have time to snap some pics! so do it.

the rest of you, carry on. :D
Me with pink highlights


its been a while since i've posted here!
i promised pics of my undercut ages ago...haha, oops. well i've finally got one plus a bunch of other random pics.
i figured i should hurry up and post these before i disappear off the face of the earth for surgery. YAY!

anyway, on to the pics

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my roots are very messed up. i tear and rip, have yet to trust someone with scissors, and they insist on growing into a relatively tight mass. the more i pull, it seems the more i try to separate them, the more they want to rip out, not apart. so unless i get this figured out soon, i'll soon have one or two reads taking up the sides of my head. how frustrating.

could this have been the result of poor sectioning? the guy who taught me how to do them (before i got into this community) had really bad methods, which is mainly because he has never had them himself and the only other person's he's done didn't take care of them at all. they aren't sectioned very well. like, at all.

anyway, i just wanted to give you a few pics and rant a bit about my dread troubles. since they are only about 3 moonths old, i was thinking of cutting them to chin length or something, combing them out, and redreading them (this time fatter!). suggestions? feedback? or just tell me how your day was.
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so i took a few pictures of my dreads. they are now one week old and frizzy and crazy. :) they're all close up pics because i have no one to take pics of them, but they go down to about my waist and have long gold curls at the tips.
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to those of you who have done human hair extensions;

where did you get the hair from?

i've been looking online, and on ebay, but there are a lot of different places. it's pretty overwhelming, and it's not like i've ever looked for human hair before, so i don't exactly know what i'm looking for.

and for any dutch people, do you know of anywhere good store-wise to get it??

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some people may remember a few months ago, I joined and was all excited about my upcoming dreads. well, we got two horribly done by a friend of mine, and immediately took them out (didn't cut them, just picked them apart) but I have been itching to try again. But... something is stopping me. I dont know! Maybe I just don't have the balls. sooo...
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Sing out

One Month

so today (well technically yesterday as it is after midnight) is my dreads one month birthday. I, unfortunatly don't have a pic to show you all tonight cause my camera broke and is at the canon fix-it place and not in my hand taking pics of my month old dreadies. I HATE not having my camera!
BUT I tracked down a camera phone at work and forced the girl to whom it belongs to take a pic. She jetted out before I could make sure she had my email to send the pic but I'm going to grab her phone number tomorrow and make damn sure I have a pic to show you all Sunday night.
They are comming along so well! I was looking at my one week pics and the difference is amazing. I lvoe them soooooooooo much!
So yes, picture tomorrow!
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I don't have dreads myself, though i've thought of getting them a couple times. however, I NEED to get into vet school, so anything fun like that has to wait until then. :(

however, I did my fiance's dreads, my baby brother's dreads, and my good friend's dreads, as well as helping that friend do his cousin's dreads. I've been spreading the virus, LOL.

My fiance's dreads were born the first weekend in july 2003 (Canada day weekend) in vancouver BC. they now look pretty much like this:
I dyed them striped like that by coveing the parts i didn't want dyed with masking tape. his natural hair color is close to the tan you see there. the black we put in over everything else. they end up kinda being like rings of a tree to tell age, etc. it's cute.

My little brother's dreads were born in summer 2004 here in Hell. We bleached his hair bright blond a while before (he wanted it white, but we never quite got there). I have pictures of the whole sequence of putting them in from straight dark brown hair to bright blond newborn dreads. it's funny. but here's a pic of his dreads at less than 24 hours old:
since then, he hasn't taken care of them pretty much at all, and he had to have me dye them black to keep them for school (long story). then, they were really nasty, so I undercut them so he just has the top of his head with dreads (less to care for, whcih he still barely does), and we redreaded them. It was gross, with all the goo in them from not washing and using wax. I don't have a recent pic of them, but i'll see if i can get one.

Then this past summer I did my friends dreads. they looked like this at 1 month:
his mom apparently bleached the tips bright blond since then, but his hair grows REALLY slow. he grew his hair out for a year to be able to have dreads before college, and he barely had enough length even then. but they are super nice and tight now-we call them his nubbies due to them being so short though. LOL
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