September 26th, 2005

baby dreads

so yesterday i was rubbing my daughters head and i found a cute little dread! then it made me start thinking, should i just let her hair dread? i mean part of me wants to teach her that you don’t have to brush your hair or wear make-up,..... to be pretty. but the other side of me is saying I’m just a hypocrite b/c i sometimes wear make up and i care about how i look.
ok well i guess what I’m asking is do you think i should just let her hair go? or brush it? b/c what if when she’s older she doesn’t want dreads, but doesn’t want to have to cut all her hair off?
i have made it a golden rule for me to NOT force her to do things she doesn’t want to do.


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with hair looking like Collapse ) i am going to begin re-dreading my hair. just a comb, no wax. my hopes are that i am more prepared for this process than i once was, and therefore will be able to care for them properly. wish me luck.

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I cut most of my dreads off. I had probably 55ish and now I have 10, all in a cluster in the upper back of my head, sort of in a pony tail thing. all that's left in the other areas is the matted messy inch or two of hair that my dreads grew out of, sort of like mushrooms out of the tangled hyphae that make up mycelium. I kind of regret it and I kind of dont. I'm still committed to dreadlocks, but I felt like I was carrying around too much energy in them and it was holding me back and weighing me down. not all the energy was negative thoguh, and even negative stuff you can learn from, so that's why I left a bunch. I was hoping it would make me more grounded but it's definitely not, I feel like my newly exposed scalp is an overstimulated sensory organ drawing my consciousness to the cosmos instead of to the earth. I'll learn to deal though, and my dreads will grow back soonish. I dunno. pictures (steal your soul):
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*EDIT* Ps: If you don't like looking at my pics, then refrain from looking at them and making fun of me secretly on other communites. Thanks. <3 <3

*Edit* PPS: To avoid any drama, please refrain looking at this post. I was followed here by a troll, adn basically the majority of the following comments are her whining bullshit, and me attempting to tell her to go away. Jacki, if you need me to delete the post (which i would be fine doing) just say the word. I didn't mean to stir up drama, honest. :( I love you guys.
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sizing question

for those of you who sectioned off and backcombed to help those beautiful locks started, i need your help- in 8 months i will be travelling down to killeen to have my locs started by a great friend (and a dreadlock GODDESS... im serious... ill post pics of my first set...)
i had my last set for almost a year before i got some mold in a couple of them and had to painstakingly comb them out (which i proceeded to cut off later due to the damage caused by said combing out)
i shaved my head last february and have been growing it ever since- its about to my chin/earlobes now, and im anticipating that itll be to my shoulders in 8 months...
my last set were very thin- i have a lot of hair and ended up with 93 locs, about the size of my pointer finger to pencil size in thickness... when i give them the backcombed push i want them to start out at around the size of a crayola marker or a thumb... mine do get fatter over time... but from the onset i would like them a bit larger...
ok- now that ive rambled (pardon me, sleeping pills) i would adore it if you all could tell me the base dimensions you used to start dreads and how thick they were (use an example as i am math challenged... ill stare at a ruler like a moron trying to picture that size as a dread) my friend whit backcombs them to the point that they feel and act like 6-7 month old dreadies after 1 week... its insane... mostly im looking at root size...
dimensions of your roots when you started
how big they were at that time
how big they are now (and what age)
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