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[29 Sep 2005|12:26am]
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hrrrm [29 Sep 2005|07:04am]
[ mood | discontent ]

problem. one day, their looking amazing. great. 1 week later im still taking as much care of them but they are looking wierd. plan: wash them. i wake up and its the same. their bending weird, like almost right angles. im sleeping in a dread beanie if it makes a difference. any suggestions? sorry ill have pictures soon i dont have a camera yet. ::sigh::

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[29 Sep 2005|09:25am]
new pictures with my brand new camera ,

seven monthsCollapse )
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mow? [29 Sep 2005|11:05am]
[ mood | cold ]

hi all, im new. i'm fiona and my dreads are about a year old...picsCollapse )

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Just a brief update [29 Sep 2005|12:32pm]
So, I've been following the progress of other newbies and paying attention to the answers (see, we listen). I realize that the frizziness and loose ends are normal. I'm NOT touching them and kind of letting them do their own thing. So... this is just a progress update... pic behind cut...

A week shy of 2 months*Collapse )

*Edited because apparently I lose track of time like I've already lost parts of my mind... thanks ilikedrooling for snapping me back into the proper time zone. ;-)
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halloween is ony a month away.... [29 Sep 2005|02:07pm]

....and with a big holiday party onmy schedual, its been on my mind a bit lately. costumes are mandatory to get in...and i usually hate costumes, not the dressing up part, but the thinking of what to be, if its a good enough idea, searching for the things you need...its such stress, such hassel.

but this year, i seriously needed one, as this party is run thrown by my best friend - so i need to be there. and so while talking to my grandmother about my troubles, she gave me the best idea i have ever heard.....what do you guys think??

i think its a superfreakincuteassgreat idea. has anyone else been giving ideas any thought? i know you people are all super clever!!

and as a side note, my dreads are 8 months as of monday.Collapse )

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2 questions [29 Sep 2005|02:25pm]
First off sorry I don't have any pics, my dad's camera is broken I hate the quality of my camera phone.

I've got two questions though. The first one is what do you guys do when you have to dress up? I have a nice suit and tie that I'm wearing to a dance this weekend, and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for hair. I can always just leave it, I don't mind doing that, I was just wondering what some of the guys do on here when they dress up for something formal. My hair is long enough to pull back, but I'm not always a fan of that if I do it too much. So I guess, any suggestions?

And secondly, I think I know the answer to this but I'm not 100% positive... Is spray in hair dye a bad idea for just one day? It's red and white day (school colors) for spirit week tomorrow, and I kind of wanted to dye my dreads, but not if it will be too hard to wash them out afterwards. I'm thinking maybe just the cheap stuff from the pharmacy that you can wash right out, but I'm not sure if anyone else on here has any advice about that stuff.

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[29 Sep 2005|06:30pm]
Hey folks!

Havent updated on my dread situation lately. There getting so nice and tight and growing not fast but with defiance since i impulisvely chopped of all but several inches of hair last year. So yeah here some latest pics

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Boston people... [29 Sep 2005|11:54pm]
So, in about a week and a day we should all be meeting up in Boston right? Right. :)

Everyone who was interested is still good to go?
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