October 2nd, 2005

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has anyone noticed their dreads being a lot lighter than their non-knotty hair? I've never bleached any hair on my scalp but for some reason my dreads are noticeably lighter than my undreaded hair, and the dread roots. I'm guessing that the hair in the dreads is "deader"? My dreads are about 2-3 years old.

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calling all bead makers...

hey people -

i know some of you make/sell dread beads, and i was wondering if any of you have any rainbow beads? not necessarily a bead with a rainbow on it, but just one with all different colors. ya know. i'm really trying to find a glass one, so if anyone has one for sale (or knows where i can get one) let me know :)

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so avilaloca wanted her dreads done and i offered...i live in nyc. i know at least one of you lives in brooklyn and i know there is going to be a Boston meetup soon...... i was thinking that having a meetup in nyc would be pretty sweet, especially if i am dreading someone's hair...it would be more fun with a group of dreaded people working together. and we could all hang out and go make some dread memories. and also take cool pictures to post here. see, everyone wins. if you are interested, comment please. i think the dates are tenatively oct 15th--17th. (weekend).
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Hello everyone. Today is my dreads' 4-month birthday, and about 2 weeks since I did my extensions. For those of you wondering, they are working out alright. I got a lot of dumb questions (the best being today, "Your hair grows really fast, doesn't it?"), but a lot of compliments, too. I've had to reattach some, but only two actually fell off, and luckily I was at my house at the time. The others were just loose. But I haven't had to do that recently, so I think they're alright. If anyone think they might like extensions, and can get over not having your own natural hair, I would encourage it. I'm much happer being able to do fun things in the way of putting them up now. The extensions were fluffy at first, but they did tighten. I'm planning on dying all my hair..sometime, when I've got the time and money. The difference between the reddish extensions and my natural hair color seems pretty obvious. Does anyone have any experiences with dying human-hair extensions?

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