October 4th, 2005


so i have this problem....

i just got a new job, working at this pizza place across the street from my house. at my interview he asked me about my hair and i promised him i would keep it back in braids everyday, becasue thats the neatest way to have them and you cant tell what they are like that.
now, the manager is really cool, i used to date his cousin so its not like hes a jerk at all.
went in for my first day yesterday with 2 french braids and he said that id still have to work on my hair cause it was still kind of crazy... but what he doesnt know is that i have naturally curly hair to begin with so all those little loose curls flying up from my head have nothing to do with my dreads.. theyd be there no matter what.
so i guess im just gona do it again and wear a bandana over them.
he was pretty decent about it, he spent the day teasing me about being a irty hippie and washing my hair, but not in a rude way.. in the same way my friends do, so i didnt mind to much.

i know this is the same post as a dozen others and im not looking or advice really.. i mean, if you wana trow some at me thats fine. really all i wanted t do was vent.. :)
hope everyones having a good day!

ps. for the record though... i really do like my job :)

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Alright man i have slight digression...if you will.

Whaat is cheap, preferably buyable at drug stores, doesnt smell strongly or has light scents that can go on hair cuz dreads hold scents yeah? and on clothes too...?
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knottyboy dread bar

hi. is anyone interested in buying my very-slightly-used bar of knottyboy dread shampoo? this is a fantastic deal for all my many stalkers! :D i prefer liquid soap is all. make an offer.

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Finally! I'm done! That took such a long time. So here are some pics.

Took most of the bands out...as far my hands could reach. I'm tired now. I think it's pretty neat! I even think it looks better than with the bands, but that's maybe because the bands where in there for a while now and it strated to get frizzy. I even used wax again, I haven't used wax in months! I never use it. But now I only used it at the top a little.

Before with bands...though this is a picture of a few months ago where I deffinatly just had put new bands in.

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