October 6th, 2005

Hey boston people...

So we're meeting at the Park street Station, and around 4ish? right?
ok great.
Now re-checking all the driving times and whatnot, i may or may not be late. It depends on the border crossing for me (I'm expecting to be stopped for a while. :P ), and if i get lost picking up ArielHP in ellsworth.
BUT, i now have a cell phone. and although i'm not going to put the number up here, if you e-mail me i'll give it to you. It's a canadian number, so it'll be long distance but since this is my first month i get free calls i think. *shrug*

Hope to see you all in approx 32 hours!
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The dye I used a few weeks ago has already faded out (it was a cheap brand, so that may be why). I want it to be a bit darker and more red, so I'll probably dye it again this weekend.
Besides that, they are coming along nicely. There are a lot, especially in back, that are tightening up really well. In a month or two I might have a "fix Kara's hair day" and do something about all the loose hairs, but right now I prefer to let it do its thing. I like them a whole bunch.
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a few questions.

* I'm working at a haunted house starting friday and my spot happens to be in a swamp. The owners have encouraged me to go under the water..and i want to in order to be effective in my spot, but my dreads are only about 2 weeks old and my only dreaded friend is telling me that getting them wet nightly is going to make them loose and...smelly. I mean the water is treated and clean, but I'm nervous.

*Rubberbanding. I checked the archives and there's not much about this, and I've been told that i should band the roots and tips which to me sounds really uncomfortable. At this time my hair has nothing in it but knots and really concerned about sticking anything else in em.

I'm sure these types of questions have been asked and if you look at this and roll yer pretty eyes, I appologize for being redundant.
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four from september, two from october - ten month old dreads. you can see my wisdom tooth painting in the background of this first one, created by spitting blood onto a canvas after having three spare molars removed:

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Is anyone else having a problem seeing pictures that people have posted using photobucket.com? I can see pictures posted by some other website, but not any by photobucket, even when I cut and paste the link. Very strange...
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annoyed story

So the other day my friend was telling me she didn't understand my dreads. I was trying to explain what they meant to me (blah blah long story) and stuff and she was like "yeah well there are a lot of white folks on my campus that have dreads, and there are a lot of people of color who are offended by it" which in her mind ended the discussion. This bothered me more than it probably should - it's not like I haven't waited years to start this process after much careful discussion and research and such. It's not like this community hasn't heard this argument. But it hurt a little bit that my friend thought she could trump me with that argument, which isn't really an argument (define people of color - are we talkin' Native Americans, Asian or Pacific Islanders, Latino/as, or are you afraid to say Black folk?) because she, a white jew like me, is more racially "pc" than I am.

So in response, a I blow a bubble!

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first question:

is it normal to be losing hair? whenever i play w/ my dreadies i get little flakes of hair. i know you lose x amount of hair each day, but these pieces look like they're breaking off. it's a lot like times when i bleached my hair too long in one sitting, but i've only bleached my hair once since getting my dreads (i got the dreads mid-august and bleached them early sept) and it was only 20vol for 20 minutes.

second question:

the other night i braided some of my tinier dreads together, backcombed the ends and lightly waxed them. the result looks really fab in my opinion, but will this result in any problems further on? i realized that they will not grow out braided, and that it is arguable wether what i'll have could be classified as a 'dread', but what are my chances of screwing up my dreads big time by having done this?

thank you for your time!
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haha, this should be fun

so... does anyone want half a lishy dread?

i have this really crappy one in the back that is knotted beautifully for the top six inches, & the bottom is just lousy. all floppy & loose. so i'm chopping it in half & attaching a dreadlock i made from the hair of one of my best friends (& he's abnormally excited about my doing this).

so half of my worst dread is up for trade. if anyone's interested, make your offers! ;D

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I've been using a method to tighten my tips - holding the end of the dread in between my index and middle fingers, and rubbing with my thumb to make knots. But now all the hair in my tips is brittle and breaking off. Has this happened to anyone? What's the best way to get my tips healthy again?

I'm hoping that this is not due to a nutritional deficiency, because I've just started off as a vegetarian.

First-time dreadhead

Yep, I'm new. My friend kythrah got me hooked on dreads and the idea of them. She also pointed me to here and naughty_knotty. So I gave in and took the plunge. Was supposed to wait for Ky to get here so she and kingofbee could help me.

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They look so fragile and weak. Seems like they're just going to come apart on me, as straight as some of them look, but I guess that just means I need to stop messing with them, right? Thoughts, criticisms, praise, plots to take over the world, etc...?

Just thought I should make a proper intro post and make it a dready one. ;)
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People talk of using liquid like stuff to start off dreads (like perfessionaly salon done ish). This may be stupid to ask, but I have 40 v. develouper. I am very aware of how this can damage your hair beyond belief, but I'm thinking if I'm very careful and very quick, that I can damage my guy friends hair enough to dread it? His hair is sooooo healthy it's not even funny. Even though he doesnt use conditioner and has been using my dread shampoo. So any feed back would be awesome, and I'll share pictures when they are done. Thanks!

art school rocks my socks.

i have this class all about photoshop and illustrator, and our final photoshop project is to create 3 posters, one of which can be about anything we choose. well, this was my choice. the picture is of me, i filtered the hell out of it. this is not a real event, so don't ask me questions about it. wouldn't it be cool if it was real, though? there are a lot of people who would come.

p.s. the poster's not done yet. obviously. but i thought i'd shsre with you people since you could appreciate it. maybe?

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Peppermint Freshness

Hey Guys! Tonight in the shower I used "Peppermint Patty Invigorating Scalp Treatment" before my shampoo. It's by Bain De Terre, and one of my co-workers gave it to me at the salon I work at. My head feels sooooo good now.

On the back of the tube it says: "An effective, deep-cleansing treatment to loosen dead skin cells, sebum and other residues that clog hair follicles. Restores scalp to optimum condition, encouraging healthier hair. Contains encapsulated menthol beads, a natural invigorator. Formulated with bio-renew complex to replenish, revitalize and reinforce hair. DIRECTIONS: Apply small amount to scalp while hair is damp. Massage scalp with brush applicator for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Shampoo. Recommended use is 1 - 2 times weekly."

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