October 7th, 2005

  • sarar

finally finished

shft2357 finally finished my dreads today, after 5 months, so here are some lovely (hah!) pictures of me.

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I'm going to Great Western War in Chino, CA from tomorrow (Friday. I guess that's technically today) until Sunday night. If you don't know anything about the SCA, look it up. Or don't. I could care less. I'll be dancing, drinkin, and smokin up a storm (when I'm not working for my troupe director at her booth or sleeping). Hopefully the boy and I will have pictures to share when we get back.

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I've tried looking, but I can't find it. Does anyone know when that entry with all the pics of a guy with striped dreads in different styles was posted? If this was you, they were nifty pics and I wanted to try one of the styles, but I can't find the entry now.
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It would be really cool if we get a thread going of everyone's FIRST dread picture ever, when they look less-than-spectacular, especially if the person posting has amazing dreads currently. This sort of thing can be incredibly inspiring to the peeps that have just started their dread adventure. (Seeing lish's 10 month post made me think of it).

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i have 27 and 1/2 dreads.

3 monsters, 11 kinda big, 10 kinda small, 3 itty-bitty, and 1 piece that i keep dreading and undreading because i can't decide what to do with it.

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I just found out yesterday.. that i have lice. second time for me. in the last..say year and a half. Alas i have found out that i can use a lotion by the name of k.p24 which is to be left in the dreads and lice will die.. hurrah. wish me luck. :(

Hi Ü

I am new Ü
Well. Sort of =S
I was a member. And then I moved, and then I realised that I needed to seal my old journal, and forget all about it maybe, and then just get on with life, and things. And I am a bit afraid of family members finding my old journal. And I will be a bit more.. Careful you might say, this time.

I go by Luna or Isillóte online.
I am 15 and I live in Europe.
I've had my dreadies for about... 10 weeks tuesday.
They're pretty thin, and a bit longer than shoulder length.
There are 109.
I do have pictures. I hope.
Self-made dreads didn't work very well on my.. hair type.
I have very soft shiny hair that makes my dreads untangle Ö
Which is a shame, because I have to back-comb and put rubberbands in again.
But it's worth it Ü

the journey of one dreadie

so this post isn't dreadlock related.
i feel like a part of this community in many ways and i wanted to offer up my experience and let you people decide if you'd like to take a look. so as to take up as little room as possible i'm posting under a cut, and then only links.

i'm a new orleanian.

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